New records to look out for – teasers for December 1

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re most looking forward to!

Kid Kapichi – There Goes the Neighbourhood

Credit: Gavin Watson

Kid Kapichi will release new album There Goes the Neighbourhood on March 15 through Spinefarm Records.

“I know it’s a cliche, but this really is our best work ever. We put everything into this record, but actively decided not to stray too far from the path of ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’ , as we felt there was still more ground to be covered and honed on that vibe,” says Jack.  “Lyrically and musically, it’s more concise, meaningful and deliberate, which ties everything together really well; it feels like a collection of songs from the same family.”


  1. Artillery
  2. Let’s Get To Work
  3. Tamagotchi
  4. Can EU Hear Me?
  5. Get Down
  6. 999
  7. Subaru
  8. Zombie Nation
  9. Angeline
  10. Oliver Twist
  11. Jimi

Felicette – Go to Hell

Felicette will release new record Go to Hell on December 5 through Everything Sucks Music.


1. Small Man, Big Ideas

2. Palpitations

3. Go To Hell

4. Helen

Laura Jane Grace – Hole in My Head

Credit: Bella Petersen

Laura Jane Grace will release new album Hole in My Head on February 16 through Big Scary Monsters!


Hole In My Head

I’m Not A Cop

Dysphoria Hoodie

Birds Talk Too

Punk Rock In Basements

Cuffing Season

Tacos and Toast


Keeping Your Wheels Straight

Hard Feelings

Give Up The Ghost

Caligula’s Horse – Charcoal Grace

Credit: Jack Venables

Caligula’s Horse will release new record Charcoal Grace on January 26, 2024 through InsideOut Music.


Side A

The World Breathes With Me (10:00)

Golem (05:20)

Side B

Charcoal Grace I: Prey (07:48)

Charcoal Grace II: A World Without (06:48)

Charcoal Grace III: Vigil (03:22)

Charcoal Grace IV: Give Me Hell (06:13)

Side C

Sails (04:31)

The Stormchaser (05:57)

Mute (12:00)

Mavis – Grief is No Ally

Credit: Pia Bohl

Mavis will release debut album Grief is No Ally on December 15 through Arising Empire.


1. Insight
2. Calypso
3. Tortured Land
4. Hollow Eyes
5. Furry Tongue
6. Monsters
7. Reflections
8. Limerent ft. Lela Gruber of VENUES
10. Closer to the Sun
11. Marcescence

Shoreline – To Figure Out

Shoreline will release new album To Figure Out on February 23 through Pure Noise Records.

“There is this stereotype floating around saying the third record is the hardest one for a band, I read that saying a hundred times in interviews or magazines. I think I disagree. This feels like our first record, everything is new, exciting and fresh. To Figure Out is a collection of songs that all have one shared thought/recognition: everything is a process.  I love how the topics on the record are so diverse, – there are songs about my journey of reclaiming my cultural heritage as a Korean-German, a lot of political anger and comments on the climate crisis and straight-up love songs.” says Hansol Seung.


Green Paint
Yuppie Kids
Pen Name
Don’t Feed
Loose Contacts
Cold Feet

Mothman, The Man – Where’s Your Head?

Mothman, The Man will release new album Where’s Your Head? on April 19 via Krautop Records.

tAKiDA – The Agony Flame

Credit: Jonathan Perlmann

tAKiDA will release new album The Agony Flame on February 9 through Napalm Records.

tAKiDA on The agony flame: “The agony flame is our “now or never”-album and you’re free to interpret that however you want. Hope you’ll like it.”


1. Third strike
2. The other side
3. Sacred spell
4. In time
5. Your blood awaits you 
6. Nothing but a misplace
7. The loneliest hour
8. Sickening
9. Isolated (smoke & mirrors)
10.On the line
11.Second fiddle

Darkest Hour – Perpetual/Terminal

Credit: Mary Lou Larson

Darkest Hour will release 10th album Perpetual/Terminal on February 23 through MNRK Heavy.

“The record’s theme centers around the duality of survival while embracing rebirth,'” says Mike Schleibaum. “We keep killing parts of ourselves to make new parts and survive. The story of the record is the story of the band. We’re still here, and we’re giving the world a body of work that’s representative of our music today. We’ve realized relationships, tours, good times, everything that seems to give life meaning, is terminal — and will inevitably end. Nevertheless, we’re 46-year-old dudes who love this music enough to put up with the trials and tribulations of being artists in a touring band.”


1. Perpetual | Terminal
2. Societal Bile
3. A Prayer to the Holy Death
4. The Nihilist Undone
5. One With the Void
6. Amor Fati
7. Love is Fear
8. New Utopian Dream
9. Mausoleum
10. My Only Regret
11. Goddess of War, Give Me Something to Die For

Gen and the Degenerates – Anti-Fun Propaganda

Credit: Liam Maxwell

Gen and the Degenerates will release debut album Anti-Fun Propaganda on February 23 through Marshall Records.

“I don’t want to shy away from the darkness of being a human,” explains vocalist Gen (whose pronouns are she/they). “But by that merit, I don’t want to be fully consumed by it and forget to have fun and be silly and make light of it. I think it’s important to have these difficult conversations with a sense of lightness and humour.”

“The vibe of the album is ‘…anybody else seeing this?’ jests Gen. “It covers some heavy subject matter, but my inability to write anything sincere means there’s always a sense of humour and absurdism throughout. We’d always struggled with our sound on record,” explains the vocalist, “but meeting and working with Ross, something just seemed to click into place. We make a lot of noise, and Ross was the first person to capture that and refine it.”


Kids Wanna Dance
Girls! Ft. Uninvited
Anti-Fun Propaganda
That’s Enough Internet For Today
All Figured Out
Plan B (Interlude)
Jude’s Song

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