New records to look out for: Teasers for April 19

Welcome to our New Records feature where each week we round up some of the recently announced albums and EPs.

There are so many albums and EPs announced in the alternative music world that it can be hard to keep up.

Here we bring you nine of the recently announced records we’re most excited for!

Eat Your Own Head – The Trawler

Credit: Jason Gairn

Eat Your Own Head are back and their new EP The Trawler will be released on May 31 through Drongo Records.


1. Chest Pains
2. Downriver
3. Hardwired
4. Trawler

Nestor – Teenage Rebel

Credit: Henrik Mill

Nestor will release their new record Teenage Rebel on May 31 through Napalm Records.

The band said: “The album Teenage Rebel takes place in the glory days when we were young, confident and the future was filled with endless possibilities but also how we reflect on these days today. In many ways it’s the sequel to Kids in a Ghost Town and we can’t wait for you to hear it.”


01. The Law Of Jante (featuring Freya Miller)
02. We Come Alive
03 Teenage Rebel
04. Last To Know
05. Victorious
06. Caroline
07. The One That Got Away
08. Addicted To Your Love
09. 21
10. Unchain My Heart
11. Daughter

The Omnific – The Law of Augmenting Returns

The Omnific will release second album The Law of Augmenting Returns on June 7 through Wild Thing Records.

Bassist Matt Fack said: “The Law Of Augmenting Returns is the culmination of the experience and knowledge learnt and embodied in the 8 years of our existence as a band.

“With our creative mindset to incorporate new ideas adhered to the core principle of bass, this album paints the story of the band’s past, present, and beyond.”


01.    The Omnific ≈ Bass (Feat. Tim Waurick and Luke Taylor of Heartline)
02.    The Law Of Augmenting Returns (Feat. Charles Berthoud and Kai Den Hertog)
03.    Matrices
04.    Base Camp
05.    Will-O’-The-Wisp
06.    Phat Mackerel
07.    Butterfingers
08.    Double Malt Ditty (Feat. Rohan Sharma)

Fu Manchu – The Return of Tomorrow

Credit: Thom Cooper

Fu Manchu will release their 13th album – a double album – The Return of Tomorrow on June 14 through At The Dojo Records.

Scott Hill said: “When I listen to music, it’s either all heavy stuff with no mellow stuff mixed in or just softer stuff with no heavy stuff. I know a lot of bands like to mix it up and we have done that before, but I always tend to listen to all of one type of thing or the other. So, I figured we should do a double record with 7 heavy fuzzy songs on one record and the other record 6 mellow(er) songs fully realizing that maybe I’m the only person that likes to listen to music that way. We kept both the records to around 25-30 minutes each to make it a full-length release, but not have each record be too long. We don’t write a lot of mellow(er) stuff in Fu Manchu, but a lot of the riffs worked minus the fuzz.”

He added: “If you’re a vinyl person, both records are pressed at 45rpm to give it the best sound quality. If you’re a digital person, can make your own playlist and mix both the records together.”


1. “Dehumanize”

2. “Loch Ness Wrecking Machine”

3. “Hands Of The Zodiac”

4. “Haze The Hides”

5. “Roads Of The Lowly”

6. (Time Is) Pulling You Under”

7. “Destroyin’ Light”

8. “Lifetime Waiting”

9. “Solar Baptized”

10. “What I Need”

11. “The Return Of Tomorrow”

12. “Liquify”

13. “High Tide”

Sugar Horse – The Grand Scheme of Things

Sugar Horse will release new album The Grand Scheme of Things on October 4 through Pelagic Records.

The band said: “This album was intended to be a sideways step. A move away from the kind of thing that is expected of us… if anything is at all. What I mean by that, is the songs are more direct. They take a much shorter amount of time to “get to the point”. We also wanted to make this one noticeably “less Metal”.

“While we love being a bit boneheaded and confrontational, we definitely wanted to explore the more melodic, song-based side of the band’s sound. Normally you’d see shortened song structures and more singing and think “Oh these guys are going for gold….they wanna get on the radio and make millions of bloodstained pounds.” Well…you’re very much entitled to think that if you wish, but it felt like more of a songwriting challenge than anything else to be honest.

“We’ve done the whole drawn out, endless Space Rock thing a good few times now and it would’ve been easy to rest on those laurels. Do something we’re comfortable with. Alas, that is not really the point of this band. We’d much prefer to make it difficult and take the long route.”

Mothica – Kissing Death

Credit: Paige Strabala

Mothica will release album Kissing Death on August 24 through Heavy Heart Records.

Mothica said of the album – and the videos which form a story – “I decided to make Death a love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale.

“Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in a therapist’s office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing a scorned lover. The music videos will be like ‘flashbacks’ of what I’m telling my therapist.

“On the first single “DOOMED,” we go back in time to an angsty teenage version of me.  This is my first brush with the Grim Reaper and I doodle pictures of him in my diary surrounded by hearts. Flash forward, I’m shown performing at a dive bar, clubbing, engulfed in self-destruction. He stalks me, and eventually even proposes marriage, and I leave him at the altar and run away.

“It ends with me and Death in couples therapy. I wanted the music to feel cinematic, like the soundtrack of a movie.”

Stand Atlantic – Was Here

Stand Atlantic will release album Was Here on August 23 through Hopeless Records.




3) GIRL$ [feat. PVRIS & Bruses]


5) NOSE BLEED [feat. Sueco]




9) CRIMINAL [feat. Polaris]

10) 17

11) 17 // REPRIZE [ONE TAKE]

12) G.A.G.




Turin – The Unforgiving Reality in Nothing

Credit: JWA Creations

Turin will release new album The Unforgiving Reality in Nothing on July 12 through MNRK Heavy.

The band said of the album: “As well as it being an acronym for TURIN it’s been at the heart of this album’s concept for all the lyrics.

“All five of us have been in situations where we act like nothing’s wrong or bothering us, the reality of doing that is unforgiving. It harms us. It can impact those around us and often the reality of the situation doesn’t change until we speak up and look for support. In some cases, forgiveness.

“We wrote this song at the tail end of the COVID lockdown in the UK as a way for us to reinvent our sound and push forward with whatever the next stage of this band would be, what came from it was a new album and a new drive to evolve what we have.”


1. Envy
2. Abyssal
3. I Am The Truth
4. Apostate
5. Ghost
6. Reflections
7. The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing
8. Loss
9. Hopeless Solutions
10. Our Reality In Nothing

The Dangerous Summer – Gravity

The Dangerous Summer will release album Gravity on June 21 through Rude Records.

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