New records to look out for – October 21 edition

Here is our weekly round up of some of the albums and EPs we’re most excited for!

Letters Sent Home – Fire in Me

Letters Sent Home will release EP Fire in Me on December 2 through Hassle Records.


A1. Fire

A2. Born To Die

A3. Phoenix

B1. Misery Loves Company (feat. Joel Quartuccio)

B2. Misery Loves Company (Stripped)

B3. Misery Loves Company (LSH Version)

Nickelback – Get Rollin’

Nickelback will release new album Get Rollin’ on November 18 through BMG.

We’ve spent the last few years making a record at a pace that gave us the freedom to create and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the new music,” say Nickelback. “We’ve missed the fans and look forward to bringing the new songs to life on stage, so let’s Get Rollin’!”


1. San Quentin

2. Skinny Little Missy

3. Those Days

4. High Time

5. Vegas Bomb

6. Tidal Wave

7. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?

8. Steel Still Rusts

9. Horizon

10. Standing In The Dark

11. Just One More

12. High Time (Acoustic) *

13. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing? (Acoustic) *

14. Just One More (Acoustic) *

15. Horizon (Acoustic) *

* Get Rollin’ Deluxe Version

Cherie Amour – Spiritual Ascension

Cherie Amour will release new record Spiritual Ascension on November 4 through Rude Records/Equal Vision.


1. Welcome
2. On Deck
3. Sin City
4. Low n Lean
5. Letting Go
6. Mind’s Eye
7. Love’s Not Your Thing
8. God Be A Woman
9. Spiritual Ascension
10. Losing Control
11. In My Head

Cavetown – worm food

Cavetown will release new record worm food on November 4 through Sire Records.

Show Me The Body – Trouble the Water

Show Me The Body will release new record Trouble the Water on October 28 through Loma Vista Recordings.

Clean Cut Kid – Hiss

Credit: Alec Brits

Clean Cut Kid will release album number 4, HISS on November 11 through Alcopop! Records!

Frontman Mike Halls said: “HISS is as honest an album as I’ll ever be able to make. It was winter 2020; the whole world had ground to a halt, and the pain of being separated from pretty much everything I love had begun to turn into music in my head.”

“I started to recontextualize the situation as some sort of gift I’d been given, to learn about everything I’d taken for granted. Was the fact that I could no longer perform or play music with people just a way of preparing for life after this whole songwriting gift turns stale? Was the forced separation from my parents just some exercise in dealing with life after they’re gone? With my head bursting full of music about the most painful of subjects, I decided to plug directly into an 8 track tape machine, making a record that was 100% unedited.”


1. Our Wasted Hours
2. She Takes A Pill
3. Little Black Space
4. Cathy
5. Inside My Head
6. Hit And Miss
7. Heavy As
8. Lewis, Be Brave
9. Into The Tall Grass
10. Golden Ribbon

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October 21, 2022

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