New records to look out for – October 2

Here is our weekly roundup of the latest records that we think you’ll love when they are released in the coming months!

Bloodbather – Silence

Bloodbather will release their new record Silence on October 9 through Rise Records.

The metal duo have also given us a taste of what to expect with the title track.

*Previously released as standalone singles

Hatebreed – Weight of the False Self

Hatebreed will release their eighth album Weight of the False Self on November 27 through Nuclear Blast.

Frontman Jamey Jasta said: “When writing lyrics and riffs, I try to be in the moment, getting a mental picture of my current reality in order to convey what I want to say. Sometimes, I think my reality consists of two irreducible elements, expressed by the age-old interior battle of the dualistic self. The angel on one shoulder stands firm, providing reason, wisdom, and compassion while the devil dances angrily on the other, ranting with passion, spite, and dark desire. I often wonder if a truly centered mind is attainable, an effortless and non-dualistic state of equilibrium. Until then, I’ll just listen to both sides of my personality and hope I make the right choice. At the end of the day, the listener will choose to hear what they want, but when I am writing, I imagine the voice of the angel to be a lil’ louder.”

Instinctive (Slaughterlust)
Let Them All Rot
Set It Right (Start With Yourself)
Weight of The False Self
Cling to Life
A Stroke of Red
Dig Your Way Out
This I Earned
Wings of The Vulture
The Herd Will Scatter
From Gold to Gray
Invoking Dominance

Lande Hekt – Going To Hell

Lande Hekt will release her debut solo album Going To Hell on January 21 through queer-run label Get Better Records.

It represents the time that Lande came out as gay. She said: “I’m no stranger to queer punk and queer politics“I’ve always taken a special interest for obvious reasons, but this record is important to me because it’s the first time I’m releasing anything as an outwardly gay person.” 

“I internalised a lot of that culture for a long time and it wasn’t until I found myself surrounded by queer and trans people and friends, that I realised I could live happily in a way that felt right. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this and it was other people sharing their experiences with me that helped me out, so I named the album after this song to try and reach people who might want to be reached. It’s also not a dig on all Catholics; it’s just an expression of scepticism from a gay person regarding conservatism.”

Our Oceans – While Time Disappears

Our Oceans will release their sophomore album While Time Disappears on November 27 through Long Branch Records.

Tymon Kruideniercomments: “Fundamentally, OUR OCEANS is about an honest and personal portrayal of emotions, thoughts and experiences, at least it is for me. As such, While Time Disappears conceptually is very much about the past five years of my life. It tells the story of seemingly being in a good place in life, unexpectedly being broken to your core, getting back up and overcoming. It’s a very dark album, in places, but ultimately, it does have a positive undertone. Musically, this translates into an album that’s much more varied than our debut. There’s not only sadness, melancholy and beauty in this album, there’s also a hefty dose of anger and despair in there.”

Tymon comments on the artwork: “From the very beginning, when we were still conceptualising the basics of what would ultimately become While Time Disappears, I had a very strong sense of what the artwork should feel like. I pictured a very dark atmosphere with lots of warm reds, accompanied by an art style that would fuse fine art with illustrations that could almost appear in a children’s book. It took me forever to find an artist who operates in that space. Eventually though, I found a brilliant artist called Patrick Atkins. It turned out he loved our music and was incredibly easy to work with. We gave him our music, the lyrics and the album title, and that’s all he needed to create the incredible artwork you see on the cover and everywhere else in the album.”

Track listing:

1 Unravel
2 Weeping Lead
3 The Heart’s Whisper
4 Motherly Flame
5 Passing By
6 Face Them
7 Your Night, My Dawn
8 You Take
9 With Hands Torn Open

Tungsten – Tundra

Tungsten will release their second album Tundra on November 20 through Arising Empire.

Karl Johansson said: “The diversity is still definitely there just like on the first album. But this time around to quote my dad’s boss from the 80s ‘MORE IS MORE’!”


1 Lock and Load
2 Volfram’s Song
3 Time
4 Divided Generations
5 King Of Shadows
6 Tundra
7 Paranormal
8 Life and the Ocean
9 I See Fury
10 This is War
11 Here Comes the Fall

The Dirty Nil – Fuck Art

The Dirty Nil will release their new album Fuck Art on January 21, 2021 through Dine Alone Records.

Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky 2.0

Credit: Dan Sturgess

Alter Bridge will release new EP Walk The Sky 2.0 on November 6 through Napalm Records.

Never a band to take a lot of personal time off, the band reviewed live recordings from their shows in January/February 2020 to pick a few of their live favourites of songs from their latest album Walk The Sky. This led band members Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips to begin sharing ideas for a new studio song. Those collective ideas would yield a new, original song entitled “Last Rites” – a track written, recorded and completed entirely during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The tracklisting for Walk The Sky 2.0 is:
1)      Last Rites
2)      Wouldn’t You Rather (Live)
3)      Pay No Mind (Live)
4)      Native Son (Live)
5)      Godspeed (Live)
6)      In The Deep (Live)
7)      Dying Light (Live)

Growth – The Smothering Arms of Mercy

Growth will release their debut album The Smothering Arms of Mercy on December 4 through Wild Thing Records.

01. Cigarette Burns (07:53)
02. The Treatment For Melancholy (05:09)
03. Fortress Of Flesh And Bone (07:10)
04. Our Lady Of The Hanging Heart (06:31)
05. Lead Us To Our Glorious Times (05:12)
06. Darkly, It Tightens Its Grip (07:00)
07. Soul Rot (05:28)
08. Something Follows (07:09)
09. Gird Your Loved In Armour While Yet You Wither (11:09)

Red City Radio – Paradise

Red City Radio will release new album Paradise on December 4 through Pure Noise Records.

“We took the album title from the song of the same name,” explains vocalist/guitarist Garrett Dale, “which is about finding your own paradise – even if that’s just a hard journey you’re going to take. That’s what paradise means to me – a paradise of the mind, finding truth and peace and love through your honest, horrible realities. It’s all how you look at it, all perception. Paradise can even be a prison if you look at it that way.”

“It’s this internal state that you find within yourself,” agrees guitarist Ryan Donovan, “within your own journey, within your own reconciliations with your own demons, or even just finding peace inside in whatever it is that you love in whatever capacity. People find paradise in just sitting at home on the couch with their dog or cat, people find paradise writing music, people find paradise painting or reading – it’s all kind of conceptual and internalised.”

Paradise Track Listing

1. Where Does The Time Go

2. Baby Of The Year

3. Did You Know

4. Love A Liar

5. Young, Beautiful & Broke

6. 100,000 Candles

7. Paradise

8. Edmond Girls

9. Doin’ It For Love

10. Apocalypse, Please!

11. Fremont Casino

12. Gutterland

October Drift – Naked

October Drift will release their new EP Naked on November 6 through Physical Education Records.

Less Than Jake – Silver Linings

Less Than Jake will release their new record Silver Linings on December 11 through Pure Noise Records.

Its the band’s ninth studio album in almost three decades of their career.

We made a new record! Our first full length with our new drummer, Matt Yonker, and it sounds amazing,” shares vocalist/guitarist Chris Demakes. “More vocal hooks than a tackle box, horns galore and that bombastic and upbeat energy that we’re known for. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with this one, it’s still undeniably Less Than Jake. Just a bit punchier and in your face. We can’t wait for our fans to hear it!”

On how it feels to still be writing music together after so many years, vocalist/bassist Roger Lima shares: “It’s still so freaking exciting!! After decades of working on songs together, we still love it, and with our new drummer Matt Yonker, we feel reignited and refuelled. Personally, I feel that this is the first step of a new era for the band. While the music feels undeniably Less Than Jake,  the flow of the tracks and the attitude of the horns and lyrics have a freshness to them and I look forward to sharing these songs with our amazing fans.

Silver Linings Tracklisting:

1. The High Cost of Low Living
2. Lie To Me
3. Keep on Chasing
4. Anytime and Anywhere
5. The Test
6. Dear Me
7. Monkey Wrench Myself
8. King of the Downside
9. Lost at Home
10. Move
11. Bill
12. So Much Less

Salem – Salem

Creeper frontman Will Gould’s new sideproject Salem will release their self-titled debut record on October 23 through Roadrunner Records.

Salem sees Will team up with Matt Reynolds (Howard’s Alias, Skylar, Drawings). “It was a labour of love for us. We’re releasing when a lot of kids are stuck inside, or if they’re not, their life isn’t quite the same. It’s a way to soundtrack this very difficult time. The power of punk rock is that it helps you forget about the monotony of every day. And life has never been as monotonous as it is now.”


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