New records to look out for: July 15 edition

Our weekly round up of some of the records that have been recently announced!

Kill Strings – Limbo

Credit: Julia Schwender

Kill Strings will release album Limbo on September 23 through MNRK Music Group.

Armed For Apocalypse – Ritual Violence

Armed For Apocalypse will release new album Ritual Violence on October 7 through Candlelight Records.

The band said: Ritual Violence was written in a time where everything seemed to be hopeless. A lot of the songs on the album revolve around an overall theme of being stuck in an inescapable self destructive rabbit hole, and the struggle to break free of those habits.”


01: Under My Shame
02: Frail
03: Full Of Phlegm
04: Hourglass
05: Lifeless
06: Live Through The Storm
07: Foredoomed
08: Thieves Of Existence
09: Suffer For A Living 10: Flesh And Blood
11: Eternally Broken

The Wonder Years – The Hum Goes On

Picture: Kelly Mason

The Wonder Years will release new album The Hum Goes On on September 23 through Hopeless Records.


1. Doors I Painted Shut
2. Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)
3. Oldest Daughter
4. Cardinals II
5. The Paris of Nowhere
6. Summer Clothes
7. Lost in the Lights
8. Songs About Death
9. Low Tide
10. Laura & the Beehive
11. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
12. You’re the Reason I Don’t Want the World to End

Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead

Credit: Travis Shinn

Megadeth will release new album The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead on September 2 through UMe.

My Kid Brother – Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad

My Kid Brother will release new album Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad on October 7 through Fearless Records.


“Never Break Your Heart”
“Make You Make Believe”
“Disco Days”
“Paper Houses”
“Come Back Down”
Split Salt
“High Society”

Sobriquet – Apotheosis

Sobriquet will release new record Apotheosis on September 2.

Grief Ritual – Spiritual Disease

Credit: Adam Chandler

Grief Ritual will release debut EP Spiritual Disease on September 9.


1: Dissolution
2: Immurement
3: Telluric
4: Atrophy
5: Pareidolia

Slowly Slowly – Daisy Chain

Slowly Slowly will release new record Daisy Chain on November 4 through UNFD.


1. Daisy Chain
2. Blueprint
3. Turn It Around
4. Forget You
5. Nothing On
6. Achilles’ Heel
7. Hold My Breath
8. Medicine
9. God
10. Longshot
11. Moving Trains Feat. Dashboard Confessional
12. Papier-Mache

Scarlet Dorn

Credit; Jan Season

Scarlet Dorn will release album Queen of Broken Dreams on September 30 through SPV Recordings.


1. Falling
2. Born to Suffer
3. Queen of Broken Dreams
4. Your Highness
5. A Light That Blinds the Truth
6. Meteor
7. Unstill Life
8. When You See Me Again
9. Love Wasn’t Made For Me
10. What Are We To Do
11. Tonight
12. A Million Miles Away

Anberlin – Silverline

Credit: Mike Dunn

Anberlin will release Silverline EP on July 29 through Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. It is their first new collection of music in eight years.


1. Two Graves
2. Nothing Lost
3. Body Language
4. Asking
5. Circles


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