New records to look out for – Jan 24

Here is our weekly roundup of the records that have been recently announced that we think you’ll love!

Lizzy Farrall – Bruise

Lizzy Farrall‘s highly anticipated debut album Bruise will be released on March 27 through Pure Noise Records!

Lizzy has always had that unflinching approach to words and for her debut album she was able create the sound she wanted to as well by collaborating with Miles Kent (Catch Fire), Chris Curran (PVRIS, Handguns), Anton Delost (Bearings, Seaway), and Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche).

‘Bruise’ Track Listing

1. Addict

2. Gas Lighting

3. Yellow Paint

4. Love No More

5. Games

6. Knocked For A Six

7. Knight Rider

8. Balloon

9. Okay

10. Barbados

Svengali – Sayonara

Dubai metallers Svengali will be releasing their new record Sayonara on March 20!

The band feature members from Iran, Iraq, India and Lebanon and bring their influences together for a unique sound.

They say of the record: “This album is a representation of the last five years of our lives – which spans from being homeless and living in a car in one of the most expensive cities in the world, to building our own studio and recording the album independently.
The first single ‘Freight Train’ talks about just that. Pushing forward, regardless of the struggle and coming out on top with those who stuck around.”


01 Alcatraz
02 Break Away
03 This Is Kombat
04 Better Off
05 Freight Train
06 Sayonara
07 Quicksand
08 Shedding Skin
09 Labyrinth

Halflives – Resilience

French rockers Halflives have revealed their new EP Resilience will be released on March 13.

Linda Battilani said: “Resilience” is a record about getting lost and finding yourself again and the journey in-between. Each song explores a different step of the process in the following order: denial, anger, bargaining/self-questioning, depression and acceptance.” 

1. Rockstar Everyday
2. Snake
3. Time Bomb Feat. Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)
4. One Bad Day
5. Hard To Break

Derek Sanders – My Rock and Roll Heart

Credit: Lupe Bustos

Mayday Parade vocalist and all-round breaker of emo hearts Derek Sanders will be releasing his debut solo EP My Rock and Roll Heart on February 14.

The five-track EP will be acoustic covers of some of his favourite singles and gives an insight into his inspirations.

Sanders said: “When I started getting into music, I got an acoustic guitar when I was ten years old. I spent all of my time with that guitar, just learning to play and writing my first songs. I’ve been in so many bands since then, and it’s cool to go back to playing acoustic and singing the way it all started.”

My Rock and Roll Heart Track Listing:

1. But Lauren (Goodbye Love)

2. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic (Saves The Day)

3. A Praise Chorus (Jimmy Eat World)

4. Punk Rock Princess (Something Corporate)

5. August In Bethany (The Juliana Theory)

Cabal – Drag Me Down

Cabal‘s new album Drag Me Down will be released on April 3 through Long Branch Records!

It will be the Danish heavyweights’ second record and features guest vocals from Trivium‘s Matt Heafy, Jamie Hails of Polaris and Kim Song Sternkopf of Møl.


01 Gift Givers
02 Drag Me Down (feat. Jamie Hails)
03 It Haunts Me (feat. Kim Song Sternkopf)
04 Tongues
05 Sjælebrand
06 The Hangman’s Song
07 Death March
08 Bitter Friend (feat. Matt Heafy)
09 Unbound
10 Demagogue

Starbenders – Love Potion

Starbenders will aptly release their new record Love Potion on February 14 – aka Valentine’s Day.

The glam rockers will unleash the record through Sumerian Records.

Kimi Shelter said: “There comes a time when dreams turn into reality. We have to be careful what we wish for, as anything goes in the land of our creation. The friction of this existence is my deepest source of inspiration. The making of ‘Love Potions’ pushed us beyond the walls of our perceived limitations. This record is a living diary of a band that exists between two worlds. Please be warned that upon listening, you will become a part of a ritual that is in motion. You will be a part of our story. If you’re with us, you must be kind, you must be brave and above all, you must be free.”

1. Hangin’ On Tonight
2. Getting Harder
3. Precious (feat. Remington Leith)
4. Holy Mother
6. London
7. Push
8. Never Gonna Die
9. Cover Me
10. Can’t Cheat Time
11. Coming Up Roses
12. Down & Out
13. Something Ain’t Right
14. One Of Us

Cultdreams – The Piano Sessions

Cultdreams will be releasing their The Piano Sessions EP on February 13 through Big Scary Monsters.

Featuring a handful of tracks taken from their recently released ambitious second album Things That Hurt (out now on Big Scary Monsters), these lovingly arranged, downtempo piano reworks of some of the band’s favourite tracks from the record are a must-have for fans.

Lucinda Livingstone said: “It’s been on my mind for the last year or so, but wasn’t something I’d managed to do. I’ve played the piano since I was 4, but haven’t lived anywhere with one so I never get to play. Our producer Bob Cooper moved into a new studio with a grand piano, and as soon as I saw the news I had to go in and do a few Cultdreams songs.”

“Originally we were going to do this as a live session, but then I came back from a tour with Nervus stupidly unwell and showed up to the session with no voice, so The Piano Sessions ended up being split between London and Leeds. I recorded the piano with Bob, and went down to London a week later, still sick, with barely any singing voice, and recorded the vocals with my good friend Simon Small (Apologies I Have None).”

“We wanted to keep these sessions as raw and minimal as possible, just me and a piano. These three songs lyrically all tie into each other, and we felt like it would be a different way for people to hear the stories within the songs.”

The Piano Sessions EP tracklist:

1. Born An Underdog, Still Living One
2. Don’t Let Them Tell You Otherwise
3. Flowers On Their Graves

In This Moment – Mother

Credit: Jeremy Saffer

In This Moment‘s seventh album Mother will be released on March 27!

MOTHER track listing

“The Beginning — Interlude”

“Fly Like An Eagle”

“The Red Crusade — Interlude”

“The In-Between”


“We Will Rock You” (Feat. Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, and Taylor Momsen)


“As Above So Below”

“Born In Flames”

“God Is She”

“Holy Man”

“Hunting Grounds” (Feat. Joe Cotella of Ded)

“Lay Me Down”

“Into Dust”

Elephant Tree – Habits

Londoners Elephant Tree will release their third album Habits on April 3. It will come after four years of honing their sound on the international live circuit.


1. Wake.Repeat (Intro)
2. Sails
3. Faceless
4. Exit The Soul
5. The Fall Chorus
6. Bird
7. Wasted
8. Broken Nails


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