New records to look out for: December 29 teasers

Welcome to our final weekly round up of new albums and EPs for 2023! We hope you enjoy these teasers!

Sum41 – Heaven :x: Hell

Credit: Travis Shinn

Sum41 will release final album – a double album – Heaven :x: Hell on March 29 through Rise Records.

On the new album, vocalist Deryck Whibley said: “Once I heard the music, I was confident enough to say, ‘This is the record I’d like to go out on.’ We’ve made a double album of pop punk and metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time for us to pave this lane for ourselves, but we did, and it’s unique to us.”



1. Waiting On A Twist Of Fate

2. Landmines

3. I Can’t Wait

4. Time Won’t Wait

5. Future Primitive

6. Dopamine

7. Not Quite Myself

8. Bad Mistake

9. Johnny Libertine

10. Radio Silence


1. Preparasi A Salire

2. Rise Up

3. Stranger In These Times

4. I Don’t Need Anyone

5.Over The Edge

6. House Of Liars

7. You Wanted War

8. Paint It Black

9. It’s All Me

10. How The End Begins

FLOYA – Yume

Credit: Aurelien Mariat

Floya will release debut album Yume on March 8 through Arising Empire!

Dead Pony – Ignore This

Credit: Derek Bremner

Dead Pony will release debut album Ignore This on April 5 through LAB/Seeker Records.

“As a band, we’ve experienced an awful lot of being ignored,” grins towering guitarist and lead composer Blair Crichton. “We really don’t like that. So we set about making a debut LP so good that people had to pay attention. It’s a record that literally dares people to ‘Ignore THIS…’”

“It’s about making music that appeals to people like us,” explains Anna, emboldened by the confidence of experiences like performing on the massive main stage of Glasgow’s TRNSMT festival and selling-out their first UK headline tour. “A lot of things have changed for us over the last few years, but it’s arguably even more powerful seeing how we’ve stayed the same. That’s solidified my understanding of who our fans are: people who like good music, who aren’t in too much of a hurry to pigeonhole bands into categories, who don’t give a fuck about following trends. When I look into the crowd at our shows, I see people who remind me of myself as a teenager. Those are the people this music is for: the misfits who struggle to fit in anywhere else…”


1. the antagonist is ignorance
3. MK Nothing
5. About Love
6. myself
9. I might die.
10. tedious and bleak
12. Bad Girlfriend
13. X-Rated
14. White Rabbit
15. Faces On The Wall
16. Motor City Mad Man

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