New records to look out for: April 21 edition

Welcome to our weekly round up of the newly announced albums and EPs that we’re excited from!

Mammoth WVH – Mammoth II

Credit: Travis Shinn

Mammoth WVH will release new album Mammoth II on August 4 through BMG.

“I knew that I wanted the new album to contain elements of what people heard on the debut, but also giving me a chance to branch out a bit. ‘Another Celebration At The End Of the World’ is definitely a song that showcases what people can expect from the new album. It is a high-energy rocker with some fun guitar moments on it. I also pushed myself vocally and it is a song I can’t wait to get out and play live. I can see it being a fixture in our live set moving forward,” explains Wolfgang Van Halen.


    1.   Right?

               2.   Like A Pastime

               3.   Another Celebration At The End Of The World

               4.   Miles Above Me

               5.   Take A Bow

               6.   Optimist

               7.   I’m Alright

               8.   Erase Me

               9.   Waiting

               10. Better Than You

Saint Agnes – Bloodsuckers

Credit: Scott Chalmers

Saint Agnes will release new album Bloodsuckers in July 21 through Spinefarm Records!

Kitty said: “Creating this album gave me a reason to get to my feet at a time when I really wasn’t sure if I could. I’ve tried to put everything I’ve been feeling into it, all the pain, the rage, the grief, even the unexpected moments of beauty and belief. I hope it makes you feel less alone. I hope it makes you feel bigger, badder and stronger. We might be damaged but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless. This is a record for the defeated, the crushed. We might be broken but that doesn’t mean we’re not whole. Bloodsuckers forever, Saint Agnes forever.”



1. Bloodsuckers
2. Animal
3. I Mean Nothing To you
4. Outsider
5. This Is Not The End
6. Follow You
7. I Am
8. At War With Myself
9. Middle Finger
10. Body Bag (ft. Mimi Barks)
11. Forever And Ever

Grandson – I Love You, I’m Trying

Credit: Zachary Bailey

Grandson will release new album I Love You, I’m Trying on May 5 through Fueled By Ramen.

“I’m painting the intimate portrait of myself I know how – covering themes of self harm, family trauma, the hidden side of life on the road, and so much more,” grandson shares. “This is the album that 16 year old me needed. This is the album I was scared to write and the album fans of mine deserve to hear. Above all this is the album where I face a big question: can I handle the changes life throws at me, and if this all that there is to life, can it be enough to be happy?”


  1. Two Along Their Way
  2. Eulogy
  3. Something To Hide
  4. Drones
  5. I Love You, I’m Trying
  6. Half My Heart
  7. When the Bomb Goes
  8. Enough
  9. Murderer
  10. I Will Be Here When You’re Ready To Wake Up (ft. Wafia)
  11. Heather

12 Stuck Here With Me

Honey Revenge – Retrovision

Credit: Jordan Knight

Honey Revenge will release new album Retrovision on June 23 through Thriller Records.

“Retrovision is an album of duality. It touches on an internal struggle with control and relationships,” shares Devin. “I put a lot of myself into the people I care about and just as much as I get my energy and drive from them, they can also suck the life out of me. I experience emotions in extremes and did my best to convey and process those intense feelings through the writing of these songs.”



2.Seeing Negative (Disappointment)

3. Are You Impressed?

4. Favorite Song

5. Habitual

6. Rerun

7. Fight Or Flight

8. Murphy’s Law

9. Sensitive

10. Scapegoat

11. Worst Apology

12. Distracted

Tortured Demon – Rise of the Lifeless

Tortured Demon will release album Rise of the Lifeless on June 2.


1: An Empire Condemned
2: Rise Of The Lifeless
3: Virtual Death
4: Global Threat
5: Disfavour
6: Conflict Of Interest
7: Erase Your Life
8: This War Will Come To You
9: Eyes In The Fire
10: The Damage Is Done

Hot Milk – A Call to the Void

Credit: Frank Fieber

Hot Milk will release debut album A Call to the Void on August 25 through Music For Nations.


AMPHETAMINE (Feat. Julian Comeau of Loveless)

PVRIS – Evergreen

Credit: Matty Vogel

PVRIS will release new album Evergreen on July 14 through Hopeless Records.
“EVERGREEN is a reclamation of control in our post-pandemic culture, posing a complex discussion on fame, technology, spectacle, and female autonomy.

“If you search the definition of ‘evergreen,’ you will find words like: enduring, timeless, fresh, unlimited, and renewal. In our modern culture where everything is online, algorithm-based, and instantaneous, it feels like timelessness, longevity and connection could someday become dying concepts. More than ever, PVRIS has, and always will be anti-formula, anti-virality, and anti-instant gratification.”



Throw The Fight – Strangeworld

Throw The Fight will release new album Strangeworld on June 30 through Long Branch Records.


1 Cover Your Tracks
2 Obey
3 Lost Without You
4 Sorry, Not Sorry
5 Hourglass
6 Shadow Self
7 Lost in the Lies
8 Snake Mountain
9 Wake up!

Tokky Horror – Kappacore

Tokky Horror will release new record Kappacore on May 12 through Venn Records.

“This is the last thing we’ll put out before disappearing to record our album. It’s road tested, high energy material from the first era of Tokky Horror. We’ve wanted to meld breakbeats with visceral guitars as we usually do, but expanded our range of sampling further and pushed our weirdness at times, there’s less out-and-out riffs and more times where our love of Orbital and Aphex Twin shines through. It’s still a record for the punks, just not purists.”


MAXINE (feat Blazer Boccle)

Yonaka – Welcome to My House

Yonaka will release new EP Welcome to My House on May 25 through LAVA/Republic Records.

On upcoming EP and new single, lead singer Theresa Jarvis commented: “Each song represents a memory or emotion inside me. The experiences I have gone through have all spent time inside my house and consumed me. With the EP being called Welcome To My House, visually I want listeners to be able to open up a door, come into my world and see what each song meant to me at that specific time in my life.

Happydaze – Full Free Radical

Happydaze will release new EP Full Free Radical on May 12 through Thriller Records.

Luke said: Full Free Radical is the product of the last year of our lives. It’s about the decisions you make that change your life forever, the coming and going of people on your journey and taking care of the important things along the way. We have spent the last year finding out who we are as a band while finishing this record, wanting to make something that felt familiar but also new and exciting. The songs are honest, real and the truest representation of who we are as a band so far, we can’t wait to give them away to the world.”


1.    “Faded
2.    “(Full Free) Radical”
3.    “Cool Blue
4.    “Day in and Out”
5.    “Thinkinofu”
6.    “Heaven You Felt”
7.    “Same to Me”

Sun Spot – Working Memory

Credit: Harry Steel

Sun Spot will release new EP Working Memory on May 12 through Venn Records.

Vocalist/bassist Will Palmer says: “I wrote the lyrics for ‘Keepsake’ after a particularly brutal panic attack last year. I thought I was dying. The complete loss of control felt like falling out of bounds in an old PS1 game and it was a genuinely surreal and existential moment for me.”

“I wanted to write something reflecting that, which could also act as a tool for surviving the next one. I feel like the structure of the song mirrors that experience in that it jumps between moments of serenity and absolute chaos, which is kind of how it felt riding out waves of sheer terror while trying to stay calm.

“The new EP feels like a big step up for us in terms of production—George (guitar, keys & production) recorded and mixed everything in our flat and Jake Packer (Heriot) covered mastering duties. They did an incredible job at capturing something authentic to where we’re at now both as people and a band and I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

DZ Deathrays – R.I.F.F

DZ Deathrays will release new album R.I.F.F on June 2.

“It feels amazing to finally be able to announce that our new album R.I.F.F is going to be released. This album has been a different approach to recording for us, using multiple studios and bedrooms split across Brisbane and Sydney. We really took our time with this album, reworking songs along the way making it the longest recording process we have ever done, close to 2 years. What it’s ended up as is one of our most raucous and fun records yet revisiting some of the flavours of Blood Lovely whilst adding a new style of production for us.”



Hope For The Best

Tuff Luck


Shadow Walk

King B

My Mind Is Eating Me Alive

Grounded Or Dead

Eat You Up

Slow Down Interlude

Love & Destruction

No Talk


Greta Van Fleet – Starcatcher

Credit: Neil Krug

Greta Van Fleet will release new album Starcatcher on July 21 through LAVA/Republic/EMI Records.


1. Fate Of The Faithful
2. Waited All Your Life
3. The Falling Sky
4. Sacred The Thread
5. Runway Blues
6. The Indigo Streak
7. Frozen Light
8. The Archer
9. Meeting The Master
10. Farewell For Now


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