New records to look out for: April 12 edition

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced records from across the alternative music world!

There are so many bands and artists releasing albums and EPs and we don’t blame you if you struggle to keep track (we do sometimes!). So here we bring you 10 recently announced records from the alternative music world!

Fast Blood – Sunny Blunts

Credit: Steven Landles

Fast Blood will release album Sunny Blunts on May 3 through Scene Report Records!

fakeyourdeath – null/void

Credit: Thomas Lisle Coe-Brooker

fakeyourdeath will release debut EP null/void on April 23.

Vocalist Candi Underwood said: “null/void is an EP about everything and therefore nothing. It’s an angry rant about how much the world sucks right now and how we as humans feed that state. If you want a happy listen, this isn’t it. The EP explores themes of depression, mental health and heartache. It’s all about serving the music; bringing it to life and forcing the listener into an uncomfortable state.”


1. consume

2. hell

3. broken

4. humanity

5. truth

Sunnata – Chasing Shadows

Credit: Kamil Parzychowski

Sunnata will release new album Chasing Shadows on May 10.

The band said: “The fifth album for a band like ours is no joke. We are extremely proud on one hand, but also exhausted on the other as the creative process pushed us to the current limits. It’s the most complex and longest Sunnata record to date. Filled with nuances, genre blends and confident expansion of the band’s sound spectrum.

“Anyone familiar with our discography can easily tell that both change and experimentation are part of our nature, but at the same time – the constant need to push ourselves outside of the comfort zone, go beyond – is what stretches one’s limits. Maybe this is why we liked the title so much – we are chasing the uncatchable –  shadows, illusions, visions and try to frame them with our musical language.”


1. Chimera
2. Torn
3. At Dusk (Interlude)
4. Wishbone
5. Saviour’s Raft
6. Adrift (Reprise)
7. The Tide
8. Hunger
9. Through the Abyss (Interlude)
10. The Sleeper
11. Like cogs in a wheel, we’re trapped between waves of distorted time

Telltale – Telltale

Telltale will release their self-titled album Telltale on May 17 through Rude Records.

It’s taken us three EPs and over half a decade to finally create the album we’ve always wanted. This is Telltale,” the band shares.

If there is one major takeaway from the record, it’s that escaping into the isolation of your vices isn’t a solution to the feeling of disconnection.”


1. w2b
2. Otherside
3. Cardinals
4. kissinginacarcrash
6. Gettin’ Sober
8. Take Your Time
9. I’ve Given More To A Lesser God
10. Not The Type

Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates II – Armada

Photo by Robert Eikelpoth / Editing by Blake Armstrong

Visions Of Atlantis will release their new album Pirates II – Armada on July 5 through Napalm Records.


1. To Those Who Choose to Fight
2. The Land of the Free
3. Monsters
4. Tonight I’m Alive
5. Armada
6. The Dead of the Sea
7. Ashes to the Sea
8. Hellfire
9. Collide
10. Magic of the Night
11. Underwater
12. Where the Sky and Ocean Blend

Travis – L.A. Times

Credit: Steve Gullick

Travis will release album 10, L.A. Times, on July 12 through BMG.

Fran Healy said: “L.A. Times is our most personal album since The Man Who. There was a lot of big stuff to write about back then, the tectonic plates had shifted in my life. I was 22 when I was writing those songs. They were my therapy. Over 20 years later and the plates have shifted again. There’s a lot to talk about.


1 – Bus

2 – Raze the Bar

3 – Live It All Again

4 – Gaslight

5 – Alive

6 – Home

7 – I Hope That You Spontaneously Combust

8 – Naked In New York City

9 – The River

10 – L.A. Times

Jaws The Shark – Wasteland

Credit: Rob Crawford

Jaws The Shark will release debut album Wasteland on July 19.

Olly Bailey, the multi-instrumentalist brains behind Jaws The Shark, said: “Wasteland is an album that I’d been wanting to write for some time now, and one that I’m really proud of personally.Some of the tracks that I write wouldn’t necessarily be put into the Jaws The Shark category when you look back at what I’ve released previously, but I wanted this album to show off some of my versatility that I like to explore when writing songs.”

The Story So Far – I Want to Disappear

Credit: Eric Soucy

The Story So Far will release new album I Want to Disappear on June 21 through Pure Noise Records.


1. All This Time
2. Watch You Go
3. Letterman
4. Jump The Gun
5. Big Blind
6. Nothing To Say
7. Keep You Around
8. You’re Still in My Way
9. White Shores
10. I Want To Disappear

Earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus

Credit: Andy Ford

Earthtone9 will release new album In Resonance Nexus on June 21 through Candlelight Records!

It is the metallers’ first album in 11 years. In Resonance Nexus, as a title, is saying that we’ve found the core and the essence of the band again,” says Karl Middleton.

“We were digging deep to find common musical ground, and between Joe and Owen, and I, it really felt like that there was a resonance there. It feels like we’ve landed on a really legitimate, 21st century version of the band. We were asking, ‘Why are we doing this?’ and having a very authentic answer.”


1. The Polyphony Of Animals
2. Navison Record
3. Under The Snake
4. Oceanic Drift
5. Black Swan Roulette
6. Lash Of The Tongues
7. Etiquette of Distortion
8. Observe Your Course (featuring Malli Malpass of One Dice / ‘MetalHead’ on the BBC Show ‘The Ranganation’)
9. Third Mutuality
10. Strength Is My Weakness

Battlesnake – The Rise and Demise of the Motorsteeple

Credit: Tom Wilkinson

Battlesnake will release new album The Rise and Demise of the Motorsteeple on June 21.


1. A Blessing Of Fire And Speed
2. Motorsteeple
3. Pangea Breaker
4. Alpha & Omega
5. Road Warrior
6. The Key Of Solomon
7. I Speak Tongues
8. Pterodactyl Firehawk

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