New records to look forward to: April 28 edition

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs.

Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Hold Onto Happiness With Both Hands

Credit: Dory Valentine @ Fish Outta Water Media

Toodles & The Hectic Pity will release album Hold Onto Happiness With Both Hands on June 23 through Specialist Subject Records.

“It seems to me kind of pointless to write a merely depressing song or a merely depressing album,” says vocalist Callum McAllister, “so most of these songs and the album as a whole attempt to take a journey that ends in positive resolution and catharsis.”

Kvelertak – Endling

Kvelertak will release new album Endling on September 8 through Rise Records/Petroleum Records.

Guitarist Vidar Landa said: “On Endling, we tell the stories of the extinct and dying men and women of Norway. Old and new myths, culture, and rituals come to life — the folklore that doesn’t fit a TV series concept. Vikings and trolls are for television. This is the real deal.”

The band said: “As the sun fell, at the time when oxen are unyoked, following the trail cut by the footsteps of Rasmus Vardal, the marauders of rock came riding again, screaming Kielland is dead, long live Kielland!”


Krøterveg Te Helvete




“Døgeniktens Kvad”



“Paranoia 297”

“Svart September”


Trophy Eyes – Suicide and Sunshine

Trophy Eyes will release new album Suicide and Sunshine on June 23 through Hopeless Records.

“It’s the human experience,” says John Floreani. “What we experience and how we navigate it. The millions of tiny flashes of light that are memories and thoughts and feelings and smells, all those little moments make up a lifetime. They’re beautifully tragic because they don’t mean anything to anyone, and on the scale of everything in the universe don’t mean a damn thing. But it’s so beautiful that they happen in the first place.”


1) Sydney

2) Life In Slow Motion

3) People Like You

4) My Inheritance

5) Blue Eyed Boy

6) Runaway Come Home

7) Burden

8) Sean

9) What Hurts The Most

10) OMW

11) Kill

12) Sweet Soft Sound

13) Stay Here

14) Epilogue

Sevendust – Truth Killer

Credit: Chuck Brueckmann

Sevendust will release new album Truth Killer on July 28 through Napalm Records.


  1. I Might Let The Devil Win
  2. Truth Killer
  3. Won’t Stop The Bleeding
  4. Everything
  5. No Revolution
  6. Sick Mouth
  7. Holy Water
  8. Leave Hell Behind
  9. Superficial Drug
  10. Messenger
  11. Love And Hate
  12. Fence

Parker – Never Let This Go

Credit: Y-Control Photography

Parker will release new record Never Let This Go on June 30.

Shade Empire – Sunholy

Credit: Oliver König

Shade Empire will release new album Sunholy on September 15 through Candlelight Records.

Comments the band: “Six years after the release of Poetry of the Ill-Minded, we are pleased to present you with our new album Sunholy. We are very excited to let our fans hear what we have been up to. The record is brutality and beauty in perfect harmony.”


1. In Amongst The Woods
2. The Apostle
3. This Coffin an Island
4. Sunholy
5. Torn Asunder
6. Maroon
7. All-Consuming Flame
8. Profane Radiance
9. Rite of Passage

The Dirty Nil – Free Rein to Passions

The Dirty Nil will release new album Free Rein to Passions on May 26 through Dine Alone Records.

Fuck Art had a lot of singing on it. There were not a lot of parts where you could just jam out on riffs,” says frontman Luke Bentham. “Free Rein to Passions is a bit of a nastier record where we didn’t sweat the small insignificant details. If it sounded cool, we went with it.”


1. Celebration

2. Nicer Guy

3. Undefeated

4. Atomize Me

5. Land Of Clover

6. Blowing Up Things In The Woods

7. Stupid Jobs

8. 1990

9. Free Rein to Passions

10. The Light The Void and Everything

Danko Jones – Electric Sounds

Credit: Daniel Berbig

Danko Jones will release new album Electric Sounds on September 15 through AFM Records.

“Not working for two years really felt like touring rock bands were being put out to pasture,” recalls Danko. “But I guess that only made us try harder. We were still able to record and release an album during the pandemic (Power Trio, 2021). We toured as soon as we were allowed. Now that Electric Sounds is getting released, it doesn’t feel like we missed a beat. During the pandemic, we moved away from each other. JC lives in Finland and Rich lives in Prince Edward Island. So the writing for this band has changed. We used to bash out ideas in our rehearsal place, day after day, but it’s more about sending files back and forth now. However, last summer, while on tour, we did manage to jam out ideas in a rehearsal room in Berlin for a few days. Out of those jams came the nubs for five songs…”


01. Guess Who’s Back

02. Good Time

03. Electric Sounds

04. Get High?

05. Stiff Competition

06. She’s My Baby

07. Eye For An Eye

08. I Like It

09. Let’s Make Out

10. What Goes Around

11. Shake Your City

Girlfriends – Over My Dead Body

Credit: Nathan James

Girlfriends will release new EP Over My Dead Body on May 12 through Big Noise Records.

Speaking on the EP, Travis shares: “These songs came about in a completely new way for us as a band because they were made one by one with some time in between but somehow sound so cohesive and like we wrote them all that way on purpose. We got to do a lot of cool things while making the EP and being able to tour while recording, really informed some of the songs. They’re annoyingly catchy, the hooks are big and better than ever and it’s a statement for us as a new band.”

snake eyes – health

Credit: Jessie Rose

snake eyes will release new EP health on June 16 through Alcopop! Records!


1. no one is truly cool
2. crybaby
3. medicine
4. 40 winks
5. nothing better

The Deadnotes – Forever Outsider

Credit: Paul Ambrusch

The Deadnotes will release new EP Forever Outsider on May 26 through 22Lives Records.

We worked, wrote, arranged and produced so much to finish these songs, more than on any other release before, without much questioning and overthinking,” said Jakob.

“Is this really us? Will it be heard by our musical contemporaries and fans? Is there a break referring to our previous history? We deliberately didn’t think about these questions. We wanted to do exactly what felt right in the moment and create our own space as outsiders. For us, this EP is like the first release with a completely new band.”


1. Forever Outsider
2. Downward Spiral
3. Dog Years
4. A Glade Inside The Vines

Rancid – Tomorrow Never Comes

Rancid will release tenth album Tomorrow Never Comes on June 2 through Epitaph Records.


  1. Tomorrow Never Comes
  2. Mud, Blood, & Gold
  3. Devil In Disguise
  4. New American
  5. The Bloody & Violent History
  6. Don’t Make Me Do It
  7. It’s a Road to Righteousness
  8. Live Forever
  9. Drop Dead Inn
  10. Prisoners Song
  11. Magnificent Rogue
  12. One Way Ticket
  13. Hellbound Train
  14. Eddie the Butcher
  15. Hear Us Out

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