New Records Round Up: Teasers for July 5

Welcome to the New Records Round Up, where we bring you teasers for some of the albums and EPs we’re most excited for!

In this week’s new records round up, we bring you six of the recently announced albums and EPs from the alternative music world.

Tracklists, release dates, teasers and album artwork, we’ve got you covered!

Bones UK – Soft

Credit: Jason Denton

Bones UK will release album Soft on September 13 through Sumerian Records.

“It’s everything you loved about the first record, turned up,” said vocalist/guitarist Rosie Bones. “Keeping things scrappy, raw and real, with enough electronic beats to keep our industrial dance-heads happy and enough heartbreakers to keep our romantics listening.”



Extinction A.D – To the Detested

Extinction A.D will release new album To the Detested on August 16 through Unique Leader!


Desperate Grasp

Escape From New York

Epidemic Of Mutation

Apocalypse Rising

Impervious (Unrepentant)- feat. Matthew Kiichi Heafy 

Fill The Void

Burnt Sienna

Shepherding Swine

Behind The Veil Of Sanctity

The Cure Or The Cause

Assemble The Chariots – Unyielding Night

Assemble The Chariots will release new album Unyielding Night on July 19 through Seek & Strike.

The band said: “From the beginning, our collective mindset was to primarily focus on the story and to ignore musical trends and boundaries, as we wanted the album to feel like a movie soundtrack.

“We also wanted to make playing the songs live fun as well. This means that instead of only writing super technical and complex songs, we took a different approach by contrasting the more challenging parts with more simpler elements whenever the songs needed them. This provided us the freedom to perform and enjoy the music on a whole different level.“

They added: “Our new music is a non-traditional combination of traditional elements to create an epic showcase of what metal can be in modern times. The way the songs have been arranged and composed keeps the listener aware and drags you into the song. Every note and hit has been carefully crafted with a greater picture in mind. This, in conjunction with the highly thought-out lore behind the songs, creates a combination that truly feels fresh and unique in a pretty saturated field.

“Our sincere wish is that anyone who stumbles upon this album, would be open to listening to it as a piece of heavy metal history, instead of an example of what a specific genre should to them sound like.  

If you like blast-beats, mega-epic orchestrations, spectacular live shows and nerding out to intricate lore, or if you are just yearning for a unique sounding metal band to add to your song libraries, Assemble The Chariots is your band.”


Aquilegia in Peril    
Admorean Monolith    
As Was Seen by Augurers    
Shimmering, Pulsing Glow    
Reavers March    
Ephemeral Stream    
Keepers of the Stars    
Last Line of Defence    
Galactic Order    

VOLA – Friend of a Phantom

Credit: Heli Andrea

VOLA will release album Friend of a Phantom on November 1 through Mascot Records.

Drummer Adam Janzi said: “We have had the time to internalise ‘Witness’ and let its aftermath sink in, which has shaped how we approached ‘Friend Of A Phantom.’

“Our personal tastes have changed, the way we approach our instruments and songwriting has changed, our lives have changed, time has passed, and adventures have been had. Whatever piece of melancholy that ‘Witness’ had, has just grown and become a central part of this new album. I feel that VOLA has grown and reached a new moment in its life, maturing.”


Cannibal (ft. Anders Fridén of In Flames)
Break My Lying Tongue.
We Will Not Disband
Glass Mannequin
Bleed Out
Paper Wolf
I Don;t Know How We Got Here
Hollow Kid

Massive Wagons – Earth to Grace

Massive Wagons will release new album Earth to Grace on November 8 through Earache Records.

Vocalist Barry ‘Baz’ Mills said: “People ask after every album is written and recorded, ‘is this your best one yet?’ It’s a question I don’t like answering to be honest, I can’t speak for the listener. All I can say, and it’s the honest truth, is that we could not be happier with what we’ve created. We took a brave step to work with a new producer, but Matt was someone we felt brought a completely fresh production style to the table.

“I believe we have some of our best music to date on ‘Earth To Grace’, we are super proud of this album. Matt’s input on melodies and arrangement was truly invaluable, and Adam’s songwriting has just vanished off the scale, I think. Everyone in the band really knuckled down writing these songs and I genuinely think it shows.”


Sleep Forever

Missing On TV

Free And Easy

Night Skies

The Good Die Young

All We Got

Cool Like A Fox

Fun While It Lasted

Whatever Makes You Happy


Rabbit Hole

Bonus tracks on special edition:

Punk At Heart


Bonus tracks on indie store exclusive edition:

Needles And Hay

Free And Easy (Cowboy Version)

Loveless – Loveless II

Credit: Ashley Osborn

Loveless will release their new album Loveless II on September 13 through Rise Records.

“We put everything into this record, and I am so grateful it’s finally coming out,” shares Julian Comeau.

Loveless has always been a deeply personal project, but we got to work with some amazing collaborators this time to really bring out our best both instrumentally and lyrically. We assembled the dream team and it’s been an absolute joy to hear Loveless in a way that’s never been heard before, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”


Heart-Shaped Soul

I Hope I’m Not Sick

Ghost Like You

I Love It When It Rains

Wish You Would

Lonely In New York (feat. GAYLE)



Decay On Replay


Drag Me Down

Just A Feeling I Remember


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