New Records – August 21

Here is our weekly roundup of some of the recently announced records we think you’ll love.

Corey Taylor – CMFT

Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame will release his debut solo album CMFT on October 2 through Roadrunner Records.

The album mixes some new tracks with songs written throughout Corey’s life.


  1. HWY 666
  2. Black Eyes Blue
  3. Samantha’s Gone
  4. Meine Lux
  5. Halfway Down
  6. Silverfish
  7. Kansas
  8. Culture Head
  9. Everybody Dies On My Birthday
  10. The Maria Fire
  11. Home
  12. CMFT Must Be Stopped [Feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie]
  13. European Tour Bus Bathroom Song

Hassle Records – 15 Years of Hassle Records, Part II

 Issued in three batches of five, every release will be fittingly issued on crystal coloured vinyl & released 30th October 2020.

“2020 marks 15 years of Hassle Records. So, we wanted to celebrate. It only seems like yesterday that we had to change the label’s name (for bullshit legal reasons) and start again. But we got off to a great start putting out the Juliette Lewis EP ‘…Like A Bolt Of Lightning ‘ as the first release. And it’s been a great musical journey ever since. Never wanting be constrained by a ‘genre sound’, we work with artists and music that we simply love, and from there we just hope that other people will also love the records that we put out. This ethos has been the ultimate foundation in the label’s history from the start.

To that end, for our 15th anniversary we have decided to re-issue 15 records from varying parts of our history and catalogue, all as limited vinyl-only releases. Hopefully our choices accurately represent what a diverse sound we have to the label, and that the passion we have for the music and the bands shines through.” says Wez (co-owner)

15 X 15 PART II

R-Lonely The Brave ‘The Day’s War (Victory Edition)
(HOFF178 / June ’15) 
Limited hand-numbered copies // Turquoise & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl
Double vinyl, first ever pressing of expanded edition
S-Four Year Strong ‘Rise Or Die Trying’ (HOFF044 / April ’08)
Limited hand-numbered copies // Purple & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl
O-Cancer Bats ‘Birthing The Giant’ (HOFF023 / June ’06)
Limited hand-numbered copies // Chocolate & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl
F-Petrol Girls ‘Cut & Stitch’ // ‘The Future Is Dark’(HOFF306 / May ’19) // (HOFF287 / Sept ’18) 
Limited hand-numbered copies // Green & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl
Double vinyl, first time packaged together
H- Turbowolf ‘Turbowolf’(HOFF130 / Nov ’11)
Limited hand-numbered copies // Yellow & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl

15 X 15 PART I

1 – Juliette and the Licks ‘…Like A Bolt Of Lightning’ (Feb ’05)

Limited edition & hand-numbered // Gold & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl

5 – Casey ‘Love Is Not Enough’  (Aug ’16)

Limited edition & hand-numbered // White & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl

Y – frnkiero andthe cellabration ‘stomachaches’ (Aug ’14)

Limited edition & hand-numbered // Silver & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl

 E – Tubelord ‘Our First American Friends’ (Oct ’09) / ‘Tezcatlipoca’ (Aug ’10)

Limited edition & hand-numbered // Orange & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl
Double vinyl, including first ever pressing of the Tezcatlipoca EP

A – We Are The Ocean ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ (Feb ’10)

Limited edition & hand-numbered // Red & Crystal Clear Half & Half Vinyl 

DYGORA – Ghetto Spiritual

British death metallers DYGORA will release their new EP Ghetto Spiritual on September 3.

“To us, this EP is the epitome of rhythmic rage. A groovy aggression with a message unseen in the mainstream. We want people to feel where we have come from, what we’ve endured, what we’ve seen. We believe people aren’t angry enough, and we know music is the greatest tool to bring about that anger; that same anger we’ve all decided to suppress, but with this EP we are asking people to bring it forth.”

Hector Gannet – Big Harcar

North Shields’ Hector Gannet will release debut album Big Harcar on October 30 through GUGA Records.

“The boat [Hector Gannet] was on its way to rescue people in trouble, lives were in danger, and as a result some lives were lost. It was tragic, but the sentiment of what was occurring is a very positive thing. If people don’t try and help one another then we’re all doomed,” says Aaron.

Sevendust – Blood & Stone

Credit – Travis Shinn

Sevendust‘s 13th album Blood & Stone will be released on October 23 through Rise Records.


1)    Dying To Live
2)    Love
3)    Blood From A Stone
4)    Feel Like Going On
5)    What You’ve Become
6)    Kill Me
7)    Nothing Left To See Here Anymore
8)    Desperation
9)    Criminal
10)  Against The World
11)  Alone
12)  Wish You Well
13)  The Day I Tried To Live

Bitch Falcon – Staring At Clocks

Bitch Falcon will release their debut album Staring At Clocks on November 6 through Small Pond Records.


01. I’m Ready Now
02. Sold Youth
03. Turned to Gold
04. How Did I Know
05. Staring at Clocks
06. Damp Breath
07. Test Trip
08. Martyr
09. Gaslight
10. Harvester

Happy. – Impostor Syndrome

Happy. will release their new album Impostor Syndrome on October 30 through Rude Records.


1. Sick is the New Sane

2. A Cure For Wellness

3. Hooky

4. Liarliar

5. Dull Boy

6. Background Noise

7. After School Special

8. April is for Fools

9. June Gloom

10. Black Picket Fence

Devin Townsend – Order of Magnitude – Empath Live Vol 1

Devin Townsend will release new album Order of Magnitude – Empath Live Vol 1 on October 23 through InsideOutMusic.

It is a recording of his 2019 winter tour. Devin said:

“The whole objective was that I wanted to make that statement: This is by the seat our pants. Because it’s important to me to represent this hyper anal-retentive music that I’ve made over the years, but in a human way. Rather than it just being, ‘Well, here it is, perfectly done.’”

“I was overwhelmed by the fact that all these brilliant people that I have so much respect for were willing to come together and play this weird shit with me. “I had these unique players and this interesting instrumentation that allowed us to interpret the music in different ways. It was clear to me that I could just have fun and be me and know that they would be effortlessly be able to follow that.”


  1. Borderlands
  2. Evermore
  3. War
  4. Sprite
  5. Gigpig Jam
  6. Coast
  7. Gato
  8. Heavens End
  9. Ain’t Never Gonna Win
  10. Deadhead
  11. Why?
  12. Lucky Animals
  13. Castaway/Genesis
  14. Spirits Will Collide
  15. Disco Inferno
  16. Kingdom

Palm Reader – Sleepless

Palm Reader will release their second album Sleepless on October 30 through Holy Roar Records.


1: Hold Release

2: Stay Down

3: Ending Cycle

4: Willow

5: A Bird And Its Feathers

6: Islay

7: False Thirst

8: Brink

9: A Love That Tethers

10: Both Ends Of The Rope

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary edition


Linkin Park fans can rejoice as they will be able to hear previously unreleased songs from the Hybrid Theory era on the band’s 20th anniversary edition of the album which will be released on October 9 through Warner Records.

On the release will be never-before-heard demos from the time, rarities, B-sides, DVDs, 95+ minutes of never-before-seen footage, and other extras. In order to prepare this special edition, Linkin Park engaged longtime fans around the world to contribute and share art, photos, and memories from the band’s earliest days. The reissue will be available in multiple configurations, including a Super Deluxe Box, Vinyl Box Set, Deluxe CD, and Digital. This notably stands out as the first-ever Hybrid Theory box set.

There will be 12 unreleased tracks.


5 CDs

  1. Hybrid Theory
  2. Reanimation
  3. B-Side Rarities
  4. LPU Rarities
  5. Forgotten Demos

3 DVDs



  1. Hybrid Theory 
  2. Reanimation 
  3. Hybrid Theory EP


80-page book featuring contributions from the band and previously unseen photos

Cassette reproduction of original 2-track street team sampler

18×24 Poster of Chester Bennington

3 Lithographs featuring new art by Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, & Frank Maddocks

Replica tour laminate




  1. Hybrid Theory 
  2. Reanimation 
  3. B-Side Rarities 


  1. “One Step Closer (Rock Mix)”
  2. “It’s Goin’ Down”
  3. “Papercut (Live from the BBC)”
  4. “In The End (Live BBC Radio One)”
  5. “Points Of Authority (Live BBC Radio One)”
  6. “High Voltage”


  1. “Step Up (1999 Demo)”
  2. “My December”
  3. “A Place For My Head (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
  4. “Points Of Authority (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
  5. “Papercut (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
  6. “Buy Myself Remix (Marilyn Manson)”



  1. Hybrid Theory 
  2. B-Side Rarities


All audio tracks on the album will be available to stream or download.

The Roly Mo – TRM

Credit: Sinead Ferguson

Glasgow indie-rockers The Roly Mo will release their debut EP TRM on September 11 through 7 West Music.

“To us, ‘TRM’ is our way of expressing thoughts on our day to day life, from feelings of lust, loss and addictions – this is us, young and reckless” with bassist Andrew Noble noting “there’s definitely a theme throughout the EP”.


  1. She’s So Hot

  2. Diamond Doll

  3. Count To Ten

  4. Stuck In A Rut

  5. I’ll Be Happy When You Die

  6. Control Yourself

The OBGMs – The Ends

The new album from The OBGMs is called The Ends and will be released on October 30 through Black Box.

Vocalist/guitarist Densil McFarlane said: “This album is about death, wanting to die, and fighting for something to live for — it’s the end of all things. I feel this is the one of the most important cross-genre albums this century. We are Nirvana, we are The Beatles, and The Stones.  We are really changing the dimensions of which the game is played like the Steph Curry of this rock shit. We all have feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and I used to live there. I’m trying not to die there.  If I’m going out, I’m going out shooting.”

Bad Nerves – Bad Nerves

Bad Nerves will release their self-titled debut album on October 23 through Killing Moon Records.

The East Londoners are described as the bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one-night stand that play ferociously fast distorted pop songs, packed with earworm hooks and melodies.



Seaway – Big Vibe

The new album from Seaway is called Big Vibe and will be released on October 16 through Pure Noise Records.

The band said: “We can’t wait to introduce the new era of Seaway. Big Vibe is the record we have been working towards our entire careers. For this record we threw away usual conventions of the scene and genre and just made the record we always wanted to make. As usual for Seaway, it is a dynamic collection of sound and inspiration that bleeds through from track to track. Big Vibe is a feeling that doesn’t let up throughout the entire record, and we hope you feel it in your entire body.

As the title track of our new record, we believe ‘Big Vibe’ is the most encompassing track on the album, as well as most representative of where Seaway is at this point in our career. Inspired by 80’s Power Pop, lyrically this song continues what Seaway has been known for, while musically pushing us to new dimensions. It’s got a windows down, volume up feel that is omnipresent throughout the whole record.”

This record is a big stepping stone for us,” admits vocalist Ryan Locke. “I think we’ve slowly carved our place in the scene and now we’re just trying to take the next big step, to wherever that may be.

It’s probably a cliché to say this,” adds guitarist Andrew Eichinger, “but I think this is the record we’ve always wanted to make. Because before, we always had in the back of our minds a thought about what people wanted to hear. This time, we just thought we’d write a bunch of songs and see how they came out. Honestly, we just did whatever the hell we wanted.”


1. Brain In a Jar

2. Big Vibe

3. Mrs. David

4. Still Blue

5. Wild Things

6. Pathetic

7. Sweet Sugar

8. Peach

9. If You Let Me

10. Wicked

11. Sick Puppy

snake eyes – skeleton

snake eyes will release their debut EP skeleton on October 9 through Failure By Design.

Guitarist/vocalist Jim Heffy said: “‘skeletons’ was basically my first proper shot at songwriting. I didn’t want to overthink or over-write parts. The objective was to make a record that’s fun but honest, written with a “shoot from the hip” attitude. As cliché as it sounds, being our first release I wanted ‘skeletons’ to really show the bare bones (no pun intended) of the band. We ended up making the record between my bedroom and Thomas’ attic as I wanted the EP to feel as DIY as the songs. It ended up being a pretty fun and personal process. It’s always great playing music but it’s even better when you get to do it with your best mates.”

Like Moths To Flames – No Eternity In Gold

Credit: Ross Theisen

The fifth full-length album from Like Moths To Flames is called No Eternity In Gold and will be released on October 30 through UNFD.

Frontman Chris Roetter said: “The 11 tracks focus on overcoming 11 separate issues that I’m dealing with when I wake up every day. Most prevalently, it’s about struggling with yourself and your own feelings about your ultimate worth. These songs probably showcase more of my own mind than our previous work. I live my life like an open book, and we in the band are all very spiritual people who are in touch with their emotions. I feel that is something that society neglects; we are taught to bury and suppress negative feelings when we believe that by embracing those emotions, you learn a huge amount about yourself.”


1.The Anatomy of Evil
2. Habitual Decline
3.  Burn in Water, Drown in Flame
4. Fluorescent White
5. God Complex
7. Killing What’s Underneath
8. A Servant of Plague
9. Demon of My Own
10. Selective Sacrifice
11. Spiritual Eclipse

Chamber – Cost of Sacrifice

Chamber will release debut album Cost of Sacrifice on October 23 through Pure Noise Records.

Guitarist Gabe Manuel said: “We were all going through our own personal struggles and we found solace in working on these songs and getting everything we were feeling out on the table. We are all influenced by a lot of different kinds of music and art, and while it was a challenge to represent all of those things on the record in a cohesive way, we grew as songwriters and musicians as a result of that challenge.”


Scars in Complex Patterns
Paranoia Bleeds
Visions of Hostility
In Cleansing Fire
Numb (Transfuse)
The Edge of Every Lie
Disassemble Reassemble
Cost of Sacrifice

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