New Record roundup – teasers for May 24

Welcome to our New Records Round Up where we bring you teasers for 10 of the recently announced albums and EPs from the alternative music world.

In this week’s new record round up, we bring you teasers for 10 recently announced albums and EPs that were most excited for.

The Home Team – The Crucible of Life

The Home Team will release album The Crucible of Life on July 12.


Turn You Off


Love & Co




Somebody Else’s Face

Walk This World With Me

All Squeezed Out


Love When You’re Used


Windwaker – Hyperviolence

Windwaker will release sophomore album Hyperviolence on July 12 through Fearless Records.


Fractured State Of Mind
Break The Rules
The Wall
Get Out
Haunting Me
Tabula Rasa


Credit: Dante Dallimore

KITTIE will release new album Fire on June 21 through Sumerian Records.

Guitarist Morgan Lander said: “10 years ago, if someone would have told us that we would be releasing new KITTIE music in 2024, we’d have dismissed them right away. It feels like something deeper than fate that’s brought us together again, allowing us to create something fearless and magical for you. 

“We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past year, and surrounded ourselves with the ultimate dream team to make this album a reality. We cannot wait for you to lose yourselves in the passion and strength of Fire.”


I Still Wear This Crown
We Are Shadows
One Foot in the Grave
Are You Entertained
Eyes Wide Open

Banks Arcade – A Muse

Banks Arcade will release EP A Muse on June 28 through UNFD.

The band said: “A Muse follows on from DEATH 2 in a much more vulnerable way. It covers a lot of personal issues from relationships to internal struggles and in each song I tried to speak with my own voice as much as possible as opposed to the more abstract stuff on DEATH 2.”


Faded AF
Lost Cause
No Future
Self Help

Vulvodynia – Entabeni

Vulvodynia will release new album Entabeni on July 5 through Unique Leader Records.

The band said: ‘Entabani’ is a very important album for us, it sees us at crossroads in our career. We’ve fully embraced the idea of writing as a collective, exploring every member’s ideas, experiences and formed them all together to create what we think is our most ambitious album yet.

“We wanted to explore the concept of African folklore on this album and based a lot of the songs off of old stories found in poems, books and even through word of mouth from our vocalist Lwandile‘s older family members.”



Devil Tree


It Follows

Isandlwana (feat. David Simonich of Signs of The Swarm)


Adamaster (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)

Entabeni (feat. Damonteal Harris of Peeling Flesh)

Mangled and Maimed

Generational Segregation

Downfall Of Mankind – Purgatory

Downfall Of Mankind will release new album Purgatory on June 14 through Seek and Strike Records.

It was produced by Matt Heafy.

The band said: “Excitement isn’t enough to describe how big signing this deal was for us. The fact that our work is seen and recognized by Seek & Strike is a huge step in our career.

“Their roster is nothing short of incredible and we were very interested from the way they approached us and set goals. They really put the right mindset into what we want to achieve and we as a band feel extremely supported.

We felt that ‘Purgatory’ was a perfect introduction to the new album, due to the fact that it features most of the new elements added to our sound (clean vocals, more melody, hooks, etc), while keeping the same brutality and rawness that our fans are accustomed to hearing. This song is about paranoia. How the voices inside your head won’t stop and how it consumes you from the inside in a very brutal way. You will find that the main theme of this album, lyrics wise, is all connected to aspects of the overall human psyche. It’s something that all of us are interested in and I believe the lyrics were written perfectly to translate that. The video’s theme is based around frenetic energy and how people harness/handle it.

We already consider our music very interesting and diverse, but we wanted to push ourselves even more this time. That’s how it should be. We are all very creative and have wide varieties of influences. The writing process of this new record also had a very strong influence from Matthew Heafy, bringing different elements to the table, such as incorporating different instruments from around the world. It really brought a different essence into this record and we couldn’t be more excited for the world to hear it.

Our sound is always evolving and we strive to keep it diverse and exciting. We have groove, lots of melody, heavy breakdowns, gnarly vocals, complex song structures, orchestral sections, etc. What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we are able to take that bevy of influences and make it absolutely beautiful and unique, without being overwhelming. There’s a moment for everything, so it’s not an amalgamation of things. Think of it as a 10K puzzle. Scrambled it might not make sense, but when you assemble everything and see the picture as it is intended, it’s just amazing and satisfying. We’re not reinventing the genre, but we certainly think we offer something different and our sound will resonate across the world!”

Matt Heafy added: Downfall Of Mankind will be juggernauts of the heavy music scene in no time. Mark my words.” 

Avril Lavigne – Greatest Hits

Avril Lavigne will release her Greatest Hits album on June 21!

Speaking on Instagram, Avril said: “Can’t do a greatest hits tour without a greatest hits album!!


Sk8er Boi


What the Hell


Don’t Tell Me

I’m a Mess (ft. Yungblud)

He Wasn’t

Losing Grip

My Happy Ending

Bite Me

Nobody’s Home

I’m With You

When You’re Gone

Bois Lie (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)


Love it When You Hate Me (ft. Blackbear)

Rock N Roll

Here’s to Never Growing Up

Keep Holding On

Head Above Water

American Aquarium – The Fear of Standing Still

Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins

American Aquarium will release new album The Fear of Standing Still on July 26 through Losing Side Records/Thirty Tigers.

For us the sweet spot is when you’ve got a rock band that makes you scream along to every word, and it’s not until you’re coming down at three a.m. that you realise those words are saying something real about your life,” says frontman BJ Barham.

“That’s what made us fall in love with music in the first place, and that’s the goal in everything we do.”

Highly Suspect – As Above So Below

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Highly Suspect will release new album As Above So Below on July 19 through Roadrunner/300/Elektra.


Summertime Voodoo 

Suicide Machine 

The Blue-Eyed Devil 


Plastic Boxes 


The Reset 

Run For Your Death (More Pills) 

Champagne At Our Funeral 

The 8th Of October (To August 17th) 

Then, Mickey 2 

Fangclub – All Good

Credit: Glenn Bollard

Fangclub will release new EP All Good on June 14.

Vocalist Steven King said: “We’ve put together a five track EP for fans.
Produced by Alex Loring and Mastered by Guy Massey.
It’s five tracks of big drums and guitars with some pop hooks.
It’s the things you give your attention to. The things you can’t get out of your head. The feeling of being collateral and a natural disaster. Feeling like you can’t or won’t make a difference. Feeling like a weight on family and friends. It had you at hello.
You can make a difference. However small.
It was time to exit oblivion.
My most common reply to people no matter what is going on inside. Yeah, All good.”



Out Of My Head 


You Had Me At Hello

Exit Oblivion

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