MONDAY MOTIVATION: Your playlist of brand new tunes

To kick start your Monday, we bring you some of our favourite tracks released last week!

Bones UK – Creature

To celebrate the release of their self-titled record, Bones UK have released the video for Creature!

Lakes – Reindeer

Watford’s indie-emo group Lakes have revealed their new single Reindeer. The track features Nervus‘ Paul Etienne.

Vocalist/guitarist Roberto Cappellina explains more: “Basically, if you were a teenager in Watford during the early naughties; you either went to shows or chucked eggs at people. Reindeer is a nod to the scene we grew up watching and playing in, and Paul is a massive part of that; not only with The LP Cafe, but also the awesome bands he plays in (Nervus and The Social Club). He’d literally just got back off tour, and we got him up at the crack of dawn to shoot this. He is the ultimate party man.

“This is video two of ten, and knowing that not everyone will be watching them in order, I wanted to make sure they worked as stand-alone videos, as well as being able to tell a story. Sam, having fled the wedding in the previous video, seeks refuge at a friend’s house (Paul), who then goes about his morning routine around Watford, before returning to find she’s gone.”

Thousand Below – Chemical

Thousand Below‘s new single Chemical is out now.

The band said of the track: “‘Chemical’ is about real affection and attraction towards someone becoming a chemical part of your body and existence. When you lose that person, the chemical imbalance that occurs from not having them in your life shakes up everything in your body and things just go haywire.

“We wanted the video to show the push and pull nature of this type of relationship/attraction and how much chaos it can put into your life. It can change you into someone you’re not and do almost supernatural things to your state of mind.”

Eradikator – Nightmare Dawning

Nightmare Dawning is the new single from British heavy metallers Eradikator! It’s lifted from their album Obscura, which is released on August 2 through Divebomb Records.

Roam – Piranha

Eastbourne pop-punks Roam get snappy with new single Piranha. The track, taken from forthcoming album Smile Wide (September 6, Hopeless Records), is inspired by a recurring dream of guitarist/vocalist Alex Adam’s about being stuck in a lake full of piranhas.

 “I knew what I wanted, but there was no way to get there without certain death,” says Alex. The overall theme of the song is about learning to deal with your issues before they rule you and your subconscious.

Stray From The Path – Fortune Teller

Stray From The Path have revealed their new single Fortune Teller.

The band say: “Musically, a heavily syncopated assault on the senses. Lyrically, a fired-up attack on the status quo. Written as an antidote to the boomer mentality, Fortune Teller is an anthem for building a better future – no matter how badly it’s been laid out by the past.”


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July 29, 2019

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