Monday Motivation – songs to get you through the apocalypse

So normally our Monday Motivation is a playlist to get you through the dreary first day of the week (or second if you’re a believe in Sunday being the first day), but in light of the coronavirus epidemic, we thought we would give you an extended playlist of the new singles we’re excited about to get you through what seems to be fast turning into the apocalypse.

Witchery – The Storm


Swedish blackened thrash metallers Witchery have remastered their classic track The Storm. Quite apt timing too. It originally came from their 2001 album Symphony For The Devil.

Mass Worship – Dreamless Graves

Another dark one here for you with Mass Worship‘s latest single Dreamless Graves.

The band said: “’Dreamless Graves’ is the nightmarish soundtrack to this visual video. Let yourself be absorbed into our most epic and atmospheric song to date, that comes off our debut album that was released October 2019.

‘Await The Tides, To Flood The Gates //

Soil And Rain, Abdicate // Wide Awake In Gaping Graves…’”

Belmont – Hideout

On a lighter note than the above two, we have Belmont‘s new single Hideout.  The progressive punks said: “‘Hideout’ is a song that dives into different territory for the band, and holds no barriers with letting every influence from music come together. It summarises a lot of what our new EP Reflections is about, and it’s a taste of what will come from us in the future. We shot the music video with Miguel Barbosa of Yeah Films in Toronto, and we had an absolute blast. We had a whole neon room to ourselves, and a bunch of odd props with only a couple of hours to get the video done. It turned out to be one of our favourites.”

King Creature – Falling Down Again

“The songs written about a close friend who was trying to take a sabbatical from alcohol whilst also trying to enjoy his daily life, he kept falling down again but he had no one to lay the blame on. King Creature are a tight misfit family where we have so much influence on each other, things spill out in our lives (amongst the beer) but we are constantly looking after each other and those around us, in the best way possible. Though the song has its hardships and feels like it’s about failing, it’s upbeat and positive highlighting the benefits of being social with your friends when you need it, like a big old crazy family, there’s no sadness. And who doesn’t enjoy a pint!”

Cabal – Death March

“’Death March’ is an up-tempo wrecking ball of a track that aims to batter the listener with both a sonic assault and also a very urgent warning of not letting history repeat itself,” said Danish metallers Cabal on their new single.

All Time Low – Getaway Green

The new All Time Low single Getaway Green is the band’s third from their forthcoming album Wake Up, Sunshine.

Black Crown Initiate – Invitation

Check out the new single Invitiation from metallers Black Crown Initiate.

Lucifer – Leather Demon

Vocalist Johanna Sadonis said: “We are excited to give you our third single, the third song on our third album. Please, welcome the Leather Demon into this dreary world. We have summoned up this pale creature, a symbol of good old fun: hard rock, leather jackets, cigarettes and cemeteries. You may take the demon‘s hand for a full moon slow dance on the grave of modern civilization and take a step back in time when everyone at the rock show had long hair or at least a leather jacket and a record player at home. It’s never too late to let your freak flag fly! Long live the Leather Demon!”

Shotgun Revolution – Wormwood

The debut single from Shotgun Revolution is called Wormwood.

Vocalist Ditlev Ulriksen said: “Wormwood is a stream of conscience. An abstract song about life and death, emptiness, loneliness and the frailty of our existence. Nothing is what it seems and the answer might be between the lines. Don’t take our word for it!”

Birthmarks – One Pulse

Daniel Cross said: “One Pulse is a song mourning the loss of an emotional and physical connection with someone. It’s about all of the things you didn’t realise that you’d miss and the acceptance that you are now a ghost in the person’s past. I was focused on the contrast between the beginning and the end of the relationship and how the person can seem otherworldly to you and how you crave them… but now the dopamine has faded, the sex is a cruel memory and the rose-tinted glasses smashed. It’s about learning to not let happiness haunt you.”

Thousand Thoughts – Stigma

Ethan Smith says of Thousand Thoughts’ powerful new single: “Every day, we all have issues and battles – and we don’t truly know when somebody needs a helping hand, or a friendly ear. We’ve all become very good at keeping it to ourselves by masking, and need to break down these barriers by simply showing those around us a little more empathy.”

Horisont – Pushin’ The Line

Horisont said: “We are thrilled to be back in business with a brand new song and video! The first taste of our upcoming album ‘Sudden Death’ is the song ‘Pushin’ The Line’. A straight up rocker! To go with the theme of the album title, we decided to record the video in an actual ice hockey rink. It was slippery, smelly and cold but as they say; no pain, no gain. Hope you’ll enjoy it!”

King 810 – Hellhounds

David Gunn said: “‘Hellhounds’ tells people what’s happening in my head, which is a confusing thing even for myself.  Around the time of the conception and making of (current album) ‘Suicide King’, I had been diagnosed with an identity disorder (DID) and ‘Hellhounds’ happened to be a place I ended up at one day.  As with every thought in my head, it is death obsessed. The title borrows from the old Robert Johnson song, ‘Hellhound on my Trail.’  Overall, it reminds the listener – who may have forgotten – that I’m in so much pain, there is absolutely no reason to revere me in any way for anything.”

Dinosaur Pile-Up – It’s Tricky

Dinosaur Pile-Up have revealed their Amazon Original’s cover of Run DMC‘s It’s Tricky.

We chose ‘It’s Tricky’ because it’s one of my all-time favourite songs. I just love it and it gets me pumped,” says Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Matt Bigland. “We were actually on a drive during a US tour when we were listening to music on the stereo in the van, and we’d been trying to think of which song we should cover – and then ‘It’s Tricky’ came on and Mike turned to me and I turned to Mike and we were both like – WE COULD DO TRICKY!!! And the decision was instantly made.

We were stoked on how much fun we could have with it and how heavy we could make it! When we recorded it we basically just had a blast and tried to make it as much fun as possible to record – I think you can hear that in the track. I hope fans get pumped on it – and slam it on the stereo and party.

1000mods – Pearl

Greek rockers 1000mods have revealed new single Pearl.

Cognitive – Fragmented Perception

Death metallers Cognitive have revealed new single Fragmented Perception.

Shane Jost told Decibel, who premiered the track,:  “I wrote ‘Fragmented Perception’ when I was in a dark place mentally. I felt trapped in a cycle of mundanity. Wake up, go to a job I despise, come home with no energy left to do things I actually care about. That stagnant life style eventually boiled over into a midnight surge of adrenaline and panic. I wrote the lyrics to the song in that frenzied state, while my mind was still racing.”


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