Monday Motivation – Feb 3

Here’s our weekly playlist of new singles we think you’ll love to get your Monday off to a good start!

VASA – Everything is Golden

Scottish rockers VASA have revealed their new single Everything Is Golden!

The band say of the track, which features on their record Heroics: “‘Everything is Golden’ appears early in the album and showcases the more joyful and optimistic side of VASA, which manifests itself in large riffs and larger breakdowns. The title is a reference to the nostalgic feeling we get when reminiscing about our younger years when we lacked the burden of knowledge and responsibilities that come with growing older.”

The Deadnotes – Never Perfect

Indie rockers The Deadnotes are supporting mental health charities with new single Never Perfect.

“Mental health has always been an important topic for us personally and as a band in the last few years. With “Never Perfect” we decided to explicitly talk about the numerous situations we have come across, where either we ourselves, befriended bands or people we are in contact with working in the music industry have struggled with mental health. We sadly have to admit, that we find more and more people not being able to cope with these situations”, singer and guitarist Darius Lohmüller of the band says.

“I believe it‘s still something that‘s not talked about enough yet. It‘s very important to listen to each other, take care of each other, be attentive and also consider getting help from professionals if you‘re affected”, Darius adds.

Drug Church – Bliss Out

Drug Church have revealed Bliss Out! The track was recorded during the punk rockers’ Cheer sessions.

Frontman Patrick Kindlon said: “Ever have a run of bad luck so bad you wondered what god you offended?

“This song is about going to a fortune teller and having them tell you, ‘sorry, bro. Fairness left the building. Get under a desk because the nukes are inbound.”

Alter Bridge – Godspeed

Credit: Dan Sturgess

Alter Bridge have revealed another cracking single in the form of Godspeed. The track is an uplifting song that will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one.

Spanish Love Songs – Losers 2

Speaking on new single Losers 2, frontman Danny Slocum said: “This is another case of taking what we do well and trying to focus it outwards. I’ve had plenty of people ask why the songs continue to get bleaker and bleaker, but I feel like the answer is pretty obvious. This is the world we know. It’s the world I see my friends stuck in, and that I’ve seen my family stuck in. Everyone works themselves to the bones to just survive. Not to say that we’re not incredibly privileged — I’m aware — but I wanted to look outward and just acknowledge that for the roughly 99% of us, life is an endless grind, so it’s okay to feel down on it. Like, of course you’re anxious when you could fall and hit your head and have you entire life derailed by hospital bills. 

“So “Losers” is the anthem where we try to be defiant and throw up a middle finger — whatever, “we’re losers forever.” But this is the hangover. It’s us wrapping our heads around that grind, and feeling like we can’t escape it. And like so much of the album, it’s about trying to empathize with others over this collective gloom.”

Ocean Grove – Sunny

Credit: Ed Mason

Frontman Dale Tanner shares the following about Ocean Grove‘s new single Sunny: “Sunny takes the viewer on the ultimate ’trip’ into the warped and hyper reality of the Oddworld. where the band pivot between lucid imagination and a dreary reality inside the four walls.

“We packed in as many references and metaphors as we could, including some that relate directly to our upcoming album ‘ Flip Phone Fantasy ‘ and it’s artwork.”

Counterfeit – 11:44

Counterfeit‘s Jamie Bower says of new single 11:44: “We are facing some very real problems in the world right now and greed, corruption, ignorance and hatred are at the very forefront of them. 

“COUNTERFEIT. have and always will be a band that shines a light on personal and societal honesty and this song is no different. Inspired by visual artists like Jenny Holzer, songwriters like Bob Dylan and the current political and social climate we find ourselves in this song is about a feeling that me and my generation are faced with on a daily basis.

“We are seeing great change in these times and this song is a reminder that we must keep going and why. For without change and progression we are doomed. This is for all our people. Power to each and everyone of you. Many thanks. Jamie and COUNTERFEIT.”

Monuments – Animus

Monuments have released their new single Animus! It’s a special track as it is the first to feature Andy Cizek on vocals and to feature returning drummer Mike Malyan since it was announced he had rejoined the band.

Cizek said: “Hey Y’all’, We’re excited to show you our new track ‘Animus’. Lyrically, this song explores overcoming anxiety. Embracing your burdens and letting them flourish into a positive driving force. Thus, these demons became my ‘Animus’. Thanks for listening.”


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February 3, 2020

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