Monday Motivation – Best new singles to start the week – March 16

Here are some of our favourite singles released over the past week that we think you’ll love.

EBONIVORY – Explosions After Dark

Credit: Andrew Basso

Australian proggers EBONIVORY have revealed new single Explosions After Dark.

Charlie Powlett said: “‘Explosions After Dark’ is an escalation of aggression for EBONIVORY; it represents the darkest edge of our sound spectrum. We’re excited to be releasing something brimming with chaotic emotions and soundscapes, mirroring the unheard stories that brought us to where we are today. Although initially written several years ago, its lyrical nature only became more relevant as time went on; dealing with issues such as differentiation and cruelty through the lens of modern science fiction. We’re hoping that fans, old and new, allow these crashing auditory waves to wash over them and feel the chilling multiplex of themes hidden in this song’s depths.”

Havok – Phantom Force

Reece Scruggs says of Havok‘s new single: “Somewhere in the middle of writing “V” we all came together and made the decision that we needed a full blown face peeler track. I remember David saying “Reign In Blood tempo”, so I came up with something almost immediately and sent it over to the guys. And aside from some subtle stylistic details it stayed pretty true to that original concept. “Phantom Force” as a first single will assure our fans and skeptics that we haven’t lost a step in making vicious, straight forward, non-gimmicked heavy metal.”

David Sanchez adds: “Phantom Force” is about the mysterious deaths that happen during sleep paralysis in the Hmong people. These people fled their war-torn homeland and could not seem to escape a terrifying fate. The goal with this video was to visually represent the fear and panic that people must’ve felt just before their sudden nocturnal demise. Watch at your own risk…”

Lowlives – Hey You

Lee Downer said of Lowlives‘ new single: “‘We are excited to release our new video for Hey You! The project came together with our good friend Sergey Astakhov in a darkened attic with as many random props as we could find.’”

Danny Worsnop – Happy

Away from the Asking Alexandria train, Danny Worsnop has revealed his latest solo single Happy.

He said: “‘Happy’ is a song I wrote about my never being content or satisfied. My constant need to do more and be better. The want to be able to slow down but the awareness that I never will.”

Rews – Monsters

Shauna Tohill said of new single Monsters: “Monsters is a song about taming your inner critic or inner monsters.  I want this song to be a positive source of inspiration and strength for all who struggle with the harsh words of their inner critic.  Together, we can pull through those darker days & you will come to see that you wonderful as you are. 

“I really wanted to produce a creative, thought provoking video that had a metaphorical representation on the meaning behind Monsters.  Because the song is dark yet empowering one, I was keen to capture something that represented both of those things drawing inspiration from the likes of the Black Mirror series meets Foo Fighters fun.  It was during the brainstorming session that Callum (Jupp, director) and I collaborated and came up with the storyline which was to try and tell a story that we can all connect with.”

Code Orange – Sulfur Surrounding

Jami Morgan said of the new single: “’Sulfur Surrounding’ is about your deepest relationships becoming manipulative, corrosive and eventually hopeless. Haunted by chemical compulsion. Fading into the depressive cycle. Another step on our journey under. The song showcases another stylistic dip on the rollercoaster that is UNDERNEATH. Soon all will become clear.”

SPQR – Just Sumfin

Credit: Liam Powell

Liverpool’s SPQR release their cool new single Just Sumfin.

“Having previously made fairly abstract narrative videos with the band, I felt a bit out of my depth when they said they wanted to do a performance video!” explains Powell. “The biggest challenge was trying to do something simple in a way that both felt unique to the band and captured where they’re at currently. We wanted to do this big studio shoot, but in a way that was a little grounded, so we had the idea to do a ‘making of’ for that big glossy music video shoot we had imagined.”

“The idea for the video was that it looked super pro, like we were about to do a full big thing,” adds front man, songwriter and producer Peter Harrison, “but the real video was like a little tester take, hence why you can see all the set, crew and paraphernalia, and it ends with a final take about to begin. I explained that terribly didn’t I… just watch it you’ll know what I mean! It was filmed by our wonderful director Liam Powell and our lovely friends played the parts of the crew. It’s all one shot, and looks great. Thanks to Vessel Studios too for letting us invade your space for an afternoon!”

Stake – Critical Method

Check out Stake‘s new single Critical Method!


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