Monday Motivation: Best new singles to get you through the week – Feb 24

Here is our Monday Motivation playlist of some of the top new singles to get you through the week!

Derek Sanders – But Lauren

Credit: Lupe Bustos

Mayday Parade‘s Derek Sanders has reveaed his version of But Lauren originally performed by Goodbye Love.

Sanders’ version was recorded as a Valentine’s Day present to his wife in 2017 and his rendition is a powerful and heartfelt one.

Asking Alexandria – They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care)

Guitarist Ben Bruce says of Asking‘s new single: “We are back and we are back in the biggest way! Our new song “They Don’t Want What We Want (and they don’t care)” is non stop energy! Some of Danny’s catchiest vocals, one of the biggest guitar riffs I’ve ever written and some of James’ best drumming all thrown into one big melting pot. We cannot wait to play this song live! We are super proud to be flying the rock flag high on this one. Let’s bang those fucking heads and sing along at the top of our lungs!”

Nova Twins – Taxi

Nova Twins have revealed their new single Taxi – with a Kill Bill inspired video!

“We actually had an idea for the music video in mind as we wrote the song itself. The concept came from this pink Cadillac in our area that we kept seeing. We imagined ourselves riding round in it, as taxi-driving hit-girls, based in a sci-fi world inspired by all of the action movies we love, like Kill Bill, Sin City, Blade Runner and The Matrix.”

Svengali – Quicksand

Svengali have released their new single Quicksand!

It’s another great track from the Dubai-based, multi-national group!

Dream Nails – Payback

Speaking on new single Payback:

Vocalist Janey Starling says “In the UK, only 1.5% of rape cases lead to a charge or summons. Payback is a song about how the UK criminal justice system fails survivors – and we’re angry about it. This is a country where two women are murdered every week by a partner or ex-partner. So many women have lived through sexual and physical abuse, and carry the scars and memories of that – but will never see justice for it.” 

Drummer Lucy Katz adds that the track is “fuelled by fury borne from our experiences and the stories we hear from our peers, from the news, and in our day jobs. We are sick and tired of being failed and gaslit again and again by a state and a system that does not care about the continued abuse of women.” 

Guitarist Anya Pearson comments on its cathartic nature: “This is a tune to mosh to, throw yourself around with your sisters and non binary babes in the pit and scream the chorus: ‘One day we’ll make you pay’. It always goes off when we play it live.”

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Round The Bend

Frontman Matt Bigland says of the new single: “‘Round The Bend’ is about being at the very edge of your emotional strength. I wrote it when I was at a breaking point of sorts, where I felt like what I’d been trying to make happen with the band for 12 years wasn’t in fact going to happen. When I wrote the song and whenever I listened to the demo, I’d imagine this short film playing out in my head – the story was extremely vivid in my mind and really heart breaking. Seeing yourself immortalized as a cartoon is always a trip, but the end result had us all bouncing off the walls!

Haggard Cat – Rational

Energetic guitarist/vocalist Matt Reynolds said: “Rational is by far the most exploratory and experimental release from us to date. It features not one, but two hidden key changes and drifts through several time signatures. The lyrics deal with the idea of being sold a lie and although it may seem it, it wasn’t originally intended from a political standpoint, it was in fact a retrospective look at a very short relationship that turned bad near instantly. I hope that someone listening for the words will be able to make up their own mind as to what it personally means to them.”

Silent Planet – Trilogy

“I wrote this song in a mental hospital after a traumatic series of events in which my anxiety and depression threatened the continued existence of this band,” states frontman, Garrett Russell. “The song details my reintroduction to myself… and our band’s reintroduction to the world. In a world of consumption and automation, we are learning how to be human again, and, despite all the noise, be still.”  “Trilogy” is the latest single following the 2019 release of Silent Planet’s 3rd full length, When the End Began, and their “Redux” 2020 edition of “The Night God Slept.”

NewMeds – Psycho

Have a listen to the new single from NewMeds!

VASA – Mini-Boss

VASA take a stand against bullying with their new single.

Drummer Niall MacRae said:  “Knowing I’d be directing and drumming in the video simultaneously, I wanted to go for simplicity above all—just a beautifully shot, stripped-back performance. It was pure coincidence that we ended up with our old practice place as the location (I actually wanted somewhere much, much bigger) but it thematically fit in with this pining for the past that permeates the album.”

“Aesthetically, I tried to tie everything back to the visuals of the album art and went for as filmic an image as possible, harkening back to the old photos our parents took over the years that inspired all the artwork for the album. It was all made actually possible with help from my Assistant Director, Alice Restrick, who did a lovely job with the lighting, keeping my thoughts in order and pointing the monitor at me whenever I needed to see what the hell was going on.”

“Mini-Boss is, at its core, about overcoming personal hurdles, where the term literally means your first ever bully—that miniature tormentor who would seem totally laughable to you now. It’s a representation of those small moments made huge in your adolescent life, where your decisions allowed you to overcome strife.”

“I want to start by saying that I’m not proud of my actions or condone violence here, but personally, this track reminds me of the day I confronted my pre-teen bully. Under the guise of friendship, he would often verbally abuse me and one day, in front of his ‘audience’, I hit my breaking point and snapped. In that moment I ran at him and kicked him so hard in the groin that he was unceremoniously taken off to hospital. After that day, he never touched me or said a word to me again. It’s a bittersweet memory, as a lot of those years appear now in hindsight, but it’s one of the earliest memories I can recall where I truly stood up for myself.”


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February 24, 2020

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