I Prevail are back with a new album and double single release!

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard of or doesn’t like I Prevail! The US rockers have garnered over half a billion streams and their last record went gold in the US!! Now they’re back and ready for round two!

US rockers I Prevail will be hoping that their forthcoming second album Trauma (March 29, Fearless Records) will have even some of the success that their 2016 debut in Lifelines did! While Lifelines was sending the band to new heights the quartet were enduring some tough times that inspired Trauma.

Clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser suffered a devastating vocal chord injury that put his position in the band in jeopardy as he was left with the wonder of if he would ever sing again. Thankfully for the band and their legion of fans, Burkheiser overcame the injury, but was left with crippling anxiety and stress, leading him to consider leaving. Luckily he decided that instead of quitting, the quintet were going to head into the studio in 2018 to craft the record that they wanted to make, without any outside influence.

The result of their ten months in the studio is Trauma. A record that shows the true colours of I Prevail, blending rock with metal, hip-hop, alternative and electronic styles, making the record an unpredictable wave of sound.

We have been granted two singles from I Prevail to tease the record and you can hear the differences easily.

Bow Down

Breaking Down

We cannot wait to hear the rest of the album as based on Lifelines and the two singles (of which, Bow Down received 70,000 views in the first few hours of its release!!), we can tell that Trauma is going to send us on a rollercoaster that we will never want to get off!

Elizabeth Birt

March 11, 2019

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