August 6 – New records to look out for

Here is the latest weekly roundup of new records to come from across the alternative music world.

The Omnific – Escapades

The Omnific will release their debut album Escapades on October 8 through Wild Thing Records.

The band said: “Writing music is always full of opportunity. As a band, we feel like Escapades explores a diverse range of moods that represent who we are and where we’re going.”

Cold Hart – Every Day Is A Day

Credit: Ben Pier

Cold Hart will release new album Every Day Is A Day on August 27 through Epitaph Records.


Every Day’s A Day
Stolen Car feat. Drippin So Pretty
Movie Night
One Call
To Be New
Make Up
Wild Wild West
Silver Stars
Grand Central
How To Read An Aura
Mary Annett
Hypothermia feat. Zubin
Perfect Blue

Hawthorne Heights – The Rain Just Follows Me

Hawthorne Heights will release new album The Rain Just Follows Me on September 10 through Pure Noise Records.

“The most unbelievable part of this story is that this entire album was written and recorded BEFORE the pandemic,” singer JT Woodruff shares. “All of this darkness and turmoil is basically a summation of the coldest and loneliest nights I’ve tried to reconcile for the past 17 years.

“We want to create the best songs that are accurate depictions of our lives and connect to other people through our songs.

“I hope this record helps people understand that others out there are thinking like them – and thinking about them. Everyone gets poured on in life; we just want to provide an umbrella.”


Constant Dread
The Rain Just Follows Me
Holy Coast
Tired And Alone
Thunder In Our Hearts
Spray Paint It Black
Dull Headlights
Palm Canyon Drive
Words Can’t Hurt
Bambarra Beach (The End)

Thrice – Horizons/East

Credit: Matt Vogel

Thrice will release 11th album Horizons/East on September 17 digitally and October 8 physically through Epitaph Records.


The Color Of The Sky
Buried In The Sun
Northern Lights
Summer Set Fire To The Rain
Still Life
The Dreamer
Robot Soft Exorcism
Dandelion Wine

Bound In Fear – Penance

Bound In Fear will release new album Penance on October 15 through Unique Leader.

The band said: “Penance, our second full-length, is a natural successor to our 2021 EP Eternal and explores how feelings of pain and hopelessness can develop into something more foreboding and lingering. While Eternal focused on inward emotions and the root causes of trauma,  Penance is what happens when those emotions are facing outwards.”
‘”Pain is my Penance, life is my sin’.”


1. (de)scendance ft. Jamie Graham
2. Penance ft. Nick Arthur
3. Scar Of Man ft. Kevin Muller
4. Beyond The Mire
5. I Still Dream Of The End
6. Adrenaline
7. Cutthroat
8. Sadist
9. Nu11 ft. Taylor Barber
10. Polarity

The Plot In You – Swan Song

The Plot In You will release new album Swan Song on September 17 through Fearless Records.

“The album is about the end of things, the end of friendships, the end of relationships, and the end of people’s lives,” vocalist Landon Tewers explains. “There’s not a whole lot of hope. On the other side of it, my life is in a way more positive place now. I said, ‘Alright, this is all of the bullshit I can conjure up in my life. Goodbye.’ It was therapeutic to dispense all of these painful things from the past and wash out the negativity.”


1. Letters To A Dead Friend
2. Fall Again
3. Face Me
4. Too Far Gone
5. Paradigm
6.  Both To Blame
7. Too Heavy
8. Enemy
9. Whole Without Me
10. Freed

Dooms Children – Dooms Children

Wade MacNeil  of Alexisonfire fame is to release solo album Dooms Children under the moniker Dooms Children.

“This is the most personal music I have ever released,” says MacNeil. “I tried to be honest (brutally at times) and not hide meaning or intent behind flowery language. It’s a record about my life falling apart and then trying to pick up the pieces. Dooms Children is about falling out of love, about addiction and lying awake at night wondering if you’ve made all the wrong choices.”


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August 6, 2021

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