Albums to look out for: Teasers for November 11

Here is our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums that we’re looking forward to and think you’ll love!

Aiming For Enrike – Empty Airports

Photo: Veronica Van Groningen / Edits: Thor Merlin

Aiming For Enrike will release new record Empty Airports on January 20 through Jansen Records.

The duo said: Empty Airports is our most minimalistic and ambient record so far. Most of the tracks explore simple and repetitive musical themes over long stretches of time in a warm and electronic sounding landscape. Even though there is always a red line going through our discography, this feels like a pretty big change from our previous record which we basically think of as a dance record. Empty Airports is more of a contemplative, hypnotic and introspective kind of record even though it has some pretty danceable parts.”


1: Empty Airports pt1

2: Empty Airports pt2

3: Empty Airports pt3

4: The Rats And the Children

5: Feel No Threat/Absent Lovers

6: Slopes

7: The Castle

8: Square Machine

9: System 0

10: Pulse Fragments

The Murder Capital – Gigi’s Recovery

Credit: Marcus Prouse Jr

The Murder Capital will release new album Gigi’s Recovery in January 20 through Human Season.


1 Existence
2 Crying
3 Return My Head
4 Ethel
5 The Stars Will Leave Their Stage
6 Belonging
7 The Lie Becomes the Self
8 A Thousand Lives
9 We Had to Disappear
10 Only Good Things
11 Gigi’s Recovery
12 Exist

Jamie Lenman – The Atheist

Credit: Jen Hingley

Jamie Lenman will release new album The Atheist on November 25 through Big Scary Monsters.

Jamie said: “I’ve got into the habit of saying, whenever I have a new record out, ‘I’ve been trying to do something like this for a really long time’, because they typically have very lengthy gestation periods with a lot of thought going in.

“This one is no exception – I’ve always loved mellowed-out indie rock like Gemma Hayes and Pete Yorn and I’ve always wanted to make an album with that sound. Trying to focus on simple songs, looking for any place we could add a bit of extra sugar – a little bit saccharine, but also slightly snide and in some places softly sad. The end result is – I hope – a bittersweet experience.”


  1. This Is All There Is
  2. Talk Hard
  3. Hospital Tree
  4. Deep Down
  5. Lena Don’t Leave Me
  6. My Anchor
  7. Bad Friend
  8. Song On My Tongue
  9. This Town Will Never Let Us Go
  10. The Wedding Ring
  11. War of Doubt

Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun

Credit: Nic Bezzina

Bury Tomorrow will release new album The Seventh Sun on March 31 through Music For Nations!
“We are proud to present, ‘The Seventh Sun’. It is an understatement to say we are excited to share the new era of Bury Tomorrow with you all and the first single from the album, Abandon Us, is the perfect way to showcase our intent for the next phase of our band,” say the six-piece. “Visceral and heavy, this track is for each and every one of you that has stood by us either from the beginning, or supported us along the way.”


1) The Seventh Sun
2) Abandon Us
3) Begin Again
4) Forced Divide
5) Boltcutter
6) Wrath
7) Majesty
8) Heretic
9) Recovery?
10) Care
11) The Carcass King

Story Of The Year – Tear Me to Pieces

Story Of The Year will release new album Tear Me to Pieces on March 10 through Sharptone Records.

“I think this album will be a defining moment in our career,” says guitarist Ryan Phillips. “When our fans hear it, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shit, these dudes are ready to go!’ This is the sound of a band putting everything into it. If a new band came out with this album, I’d be texting everyone in my band about it.”


  1. Tear Me To Pieces
  2. Real Life
  3. Afterglow
  4. Dead And Gone
  5. War
  6. Can’t Save You
  7. 2005
  8. Sorry About Me
  9. Take The Ride
  10. Knives Out
  11. Use Me

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