Albums to look out for – Feb 11 edition

Our albums to look forward to segment provides teasers for some of the many new releases we’re looking forward to in the coming months!

Lights – PEP

Credit: Lindsey Blane

Lights will release new EP PEP on April 1.

Lights said:  “I’ve never understood the task more than I did when I was making this record. My vision feels complete, and every single component comes from this very intense evolution I’ve experienced in my personal life over the last few years.” She adds, “We’re all products, we all market ourselves every single day. The idea behind PEP is if you’re going to brand yourself, then brand yourself to happiness.


1.      Beside Myself

2.      In My Head

3.     Prodigal Daughter

4.     Salt and Vinegar

5.     Money in the Bag

6.     Jaws

7.     Rent

8.     Sparky

9.     Real Thing (feat. Elohim)

10.   Easy Money

11.   Okay Okay

12.   Voices Carry

13.   Grip

Reminders – Best of Beach Punk

Reminders will release debut album Best of Beach Punk on April 1 through Venn Records.

Just Friends – Hella

Just Friends will be releasing new album Hella on March 4 through Pure Noise Records.


1. Love Letter
2. Shine
3. Honey (feat. Nate Curry)
4. Fever
5. Basic (feat. Lil B & Hobo Johnson)
6. Hollerbox
7. Hot
8. Sizzle
9. Stupid (feat. Lil B)
10. Bad Boy
11. Big Money Power Music
12. Sunflower

Drag Me Out – Demons Away

Drag Me Out will release their new album Demons Away on May 6 via Lödereih Music.

Denis Stoff said: “It is soaked in the paranormal vibes. Your spiritual journey begins here and now. Our main purpose is to shed the light on the things that really make you feel bad, anxious, weak or wrong. It is our call for you to face the pain and explore it at its energetic core as the truth lies deeper than it might seem. My demons truly showed me that they are in fact always standing somewhere in between my perception of life and the ultimate truth about our world.” 


01. Crystal Arms
02. With A Thunder We Rise
03. Blind & Blurred
04. Bullets In My Teeth
05. Cuz It‘s Meant To Be
06. I Swear I‘m Not OK
07. Hymn For The Wicked
08. Let Me In
09. My Mistakes
10. No Feelings
11. The Watch Of The Buried
12. Save My Life

Belmont – Aftermath

Belmont will release new album Aftermath on March 4 through Pure Noise Records.

“There’s a lot of serious stuff on this album … it’s personal and vulnerable and hopefully people can relate to it. But at the same time, the process of making it taught us to remember to have fun,” says Johnson.

“All our influences are here, and we put them into one big melting pot,” Lada adds. “More than anything, I just hope this album inspires people to give less of a fuck and instead do whatever they want.”


1. Fully Sent
2. Parasitic
3. Bowser’s Castle
4. Pain Now
5. In My Skin
6. Country Girl
7. Top Gun (From The Top)
8. 4am // Disappear
9. Never Found
10. Guilt Trip
11. What I Lack
12. Advanced Darkness 

Stand Atlantic – F.E.A.R

Stand Atlantic will release new album F.E.A.R (Fuck Everything and Run) on May 6 through Hopeless Records.

Bonnie Fraser said: “It’s a fuck you to the conventional bullshit Hollywood-style story that musicians tell you fell out of their ass.

“If you think I am a creative or a visionary, I am not. I refuse to be immortalised as anything other than a collection of erratic, irrational, and oxygen-starved emotions I wrote on a page just to be able to breathe.”


1. doomsday
2. pity party (feat. Royal & The Serpent)
3. van gogh
4. dumb
5. hair out
6. deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)
7. switchblade
8. nails from the back
9. bloodclot
10. don’t talk [to me]
11. xo
12. cabin fever (feat. my literal mum)
13. molotov [OK]
14. i wonder what kind of garlic bread they serve at MENSA

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