Albums to look out for: April 15 edition

Here is our weekly roundup of some of the recently announced records from across the alternative music world that we think you will love!

Memphis May Fire – Remade in Misery

Memphis May Fire will release new album Remade in Misery on June 3 through Rise Records.

Frontman Matty Mullins said: “The last nine months have been such a refreshing journey for us. We knew that releasing singles for this long, without any news of an upcoming album, would come with challenges, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We’re finally at the point of announcing the entire body of work, and I can genuinely say we are just as excited now as the day the first single dropped.

“Remade in Misery is undoubtedly a new season for MMF. We have truly rediscovered who we are as a band through these songs, and we can’t wait to bring them to life on upcoming tours.”


“Blood & Water”
“Bleed Me Dry”
“Death Inside”
“The American Dream”
“Your Turn”
“Make Believe”
“Left For Dead”
“Only Human”
“The Fight Within”

Ibaraki – Rashomon

Ibaraki (the project by Trivium‘s Matt Heafy) will release debut record Rashomon on May 6 through Nuclear Blast.


  1. “Hakanaki Hitsuzen”
  2. “Kagutsuchi”
  3. “Ibaraki-Dōji”
  4. “Jigoku Dayū”
  5. “Tamashii No Houkai”
  6. Akumu” (Feat. Nergal)
  7. “Komorebi”
  8. “Rōnin” (Feat. Gerard Way)
  9. “Susanoo No Mikoto” (Feat. Ihsahn)
  10. “Kaizoku”

Bowling For Soup – Pop Drunk Snot Bread

Bowling For Soup will release new album Pop Drunk Snot Bread on April 22 through Brando/Que-So Records! It’s their first record since 2016’s Drunk Dynasty.


1) Greatest Of All Time
2) I Wanna Be Brad Pitt
3) Hello Anxiety
4) Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)
5) Pee Break
6) The Best We Can
7) Alexa Bliss
8) Burn Out
9) June Carter Cash (Lost and Found)
10) Public Service Announcement
11) Killin’ ‘Em With Kindness
12) Wouldn’t Change A Thing
13) The Letter 3 (Sitcom Song)
14) After All These Beers
15) Greatest Of All Time (Reprise)

James and the Cold Gun – False Start

James and the Cold Gun will release debut EP False Start on April 29 through Venn Records and Loosegrove Records.

Alexisonfire – Otherness

Credit: Vanessa Heins

Alexisonfire are back with their first new album for 13 years! Otherness will be released on June 24 through Dine Alone Records.

The band’s Otherness mission statement: “A continuous thread through the fabric of Alexisonfire is the state of otherness. Otherness drew us all to spaces where a band like this could be formed. We attract the type of individuals that have all felt the sensation of being strange or unique. Perceived or otherwise, otherness has followed us through childhood, adolescence, and into our adult lives. It drives our tastes and proclivities. It bonds us with ourselves and others. And make no mistake, even at our most domestic and mundane moments, we are true outliers.”


01. Committed To The Con
02. Sweet Dreams Of Otherness
03. Sans Soleil
04. Conditional Love
05. Blue Spade
06. Dark Night Of The Soul
07. Mistaken Information
08. Survivor’s Guilt
09. Reverse The Curse
10. World Stops Turning

Hollow Front – The Price of Dreaming

Credit: Eric Overway

Hollow Front will release album The Price of Dreaming on May 22 through UNFD.

“‘The Price of Dreaming’ is about the sacrifices made in order to fully manifest any ambitions you chase after,” the band says. “In this case, we wrote from the perspective of having to leave behind our loved ones in order to realize our dreams of becoming professional musicians and the toll that takes on us.”


“In The Spotlight”
“Self Sabotage”
“Thick As Blood”
“The Price of Dreaming”
“Better Off”
“Dear Sons”
“Treading Water”
“Two Worlds Away”
“Running Away”

All Better – How To Be Alone

All Better will release their new record How To Be Alone on May 6 through Sugar Free Records.

The record is produced by Daly George who is really excited for it to be released. He said: “As soon as I heard the demos for the new record I knew the guys were onto something real special.

“Making this record has been one of the greatest moments in the studio for me, and I’m very grateful to have been asked to produce it.”

Terror – Pain into Power

Terror will release new album Pain into Power on May 6 through End Hits Records.

Vocalist Scott Vogel said: “This album is maybe even more turned-up, even faster, even more abrasive. Terror post-Todd has stayed the course along that aggressive, hard-hitting, fast, in-your-face hardcore that doesn’t stray from the path too much–but he really wanted this one to be straight insanity that doesn’t let up.”


1) Pain into Power
2) Unashamed
3) Boundless Contempt
4) Outside the Lies
5) One Thousand Lies
6) Can’t Let It Go
7) Can’t Help but Hate
8) The Hardest Truth
9) On the Verge of Violence
10) Prepare for the Worst

Thornhill – Heroine

Credit: Jon Pisnai

Thornhill will release new album Heroine on June 3 through UNFD.


1. The Hellfire Club
2. Leather Wings
3. Blue Velvet
4. Arkangel (music video)
5. Valentine
6. Casanova (music video)
7. Something Terrible Came With The Rain
8. Hollywood (music video)
9. Raw
10. Varsity Hearts
11. Heroine

Harbinger – A Letter to Anguish

Harbinger will release mini-album A Letter to Anguish on May 25.

Guitarist Ben Sutherland said: “We are so happy to finally be able to unleash a collection of songs that we have been working on for such a long time. When we first started writing music with our new vocalist Dilan, we didn’t know what sounds were going to come out – we have always experimented with different styles in our music and this was the chance for us to cover some new ground together.” 


Prayer Of Deliverance

Hate File



A Letter To Anguish


Sick Joy – We’re All Gonna F***ing Die

Sick Joy will release new record We’re All Gonna F***ing Die on July 8 through SO Recordings.


1) don’t feel like dying
2) talking to the drugs
3) stay numb
4) deep dream
5) i’ve got more than i need (and i don’t have much)
6) alive on the inside
7) the blood & the bliss
8) rich hippies
9) belly aching beast (feat. Jamie Lenman)
10) sadisfaction
11) nothing better
12) ultimately

Mint Green – All Girls Go To Heaven

Credit: Athel Rogers

Mint Green will release debut album All Girls Go To Heaven on June 3 through Pure Noise Records.


1. Against the Grain
2. Body Language
3. What I’m Feeling
4. Make Me Stay
5. Trying
6. Ready
7. Golden
8. Whatever Happens
9. (We) Should Have Spoken
10. Ringtone

Fozzy – Boombox

Fozzy will release new album Boombox on May 6 through Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.


1.     Sane
2.     I Still Burn
3.     Purifier
4.     Army Of One
5.     Ugly On The Inside
6.     Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
7.     Nowhere To Run
8.     My Great Wall
9.     What Hell Is Like
10.   Omen
11.   The Worst Is Yet To Come
12.   The Vulture Club


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