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Inspired by violence and aggression, ShotsFired incorporate elements of heavy hardcore and deathcore to create a wall of hatred and metallic energy. We were lucky enough to have a chat with them!

Inspired by violence and aggression, ShotsFired incorporate elements of heavy hardcore and deathcore to create a wall of hatred and metallic energy. Having shared stages with bands such as Demoraliser, Giants, Lock and Key and The Argent Dawn it’s clear to see that ShotsFired mean serious business. We had a chat with them to find out a little bit more about them. Here is is below:

How did you guys come to form as a band?

Jord and Rusty had originally been searching Leeds for months looking for different projects to work on but couldn’t find anything substantial enough to dedicate our passion to. It was always our intention to start the band instead of joining an already existing one as we felt we need creative freedom from day one to accomplish our vision for our music, Once we found other capable musicians we started work on writing our EP ‘Warpath’. After a couple of much needed line up changes we found the perfect dudes to fit in and continue writing and playing new material.

Why Shots Fired?

ShotsFired was originally a song title from our upcoming EP, ‘Warpath,’ however we felt we had to change our original name in our infancy to accommodate a sense of originality and establishing ourselves as a recognisable name. Furthermore, the name also ties into the lyrical theme of the EP, themes based on people who have wronged us, social and moral judgement etc and how this impacts ourselves and our  band,

How has 2014 been for you?

2014 has been nothing short of a struggle to actually have our music be listened to and appreciated given some of the challenges we’ve faced, on the other hand I also feel nothing short of blessed. Like every band it’s had its ups and downs. We’ve come out better and stronger for it all. We’ve played a heap of sweet shows and we’re really pleased and confident with the material we’ve written.

How do you get inspiration for the songs? (both lyrically and musically)

We take inspiration for our music from pretty much everything and anything. Lyrically we write from a personal point of view, things we’ve been through, thoughts, feelings.  We think our music is our way of venting everything. It’s our positive release despite most of our songs being about potentially negative topics and situations.We also take great pride in everything we write and never play anything we don’t fully believe in lyrically or musically.  In doing this I feel we can establish ourselves as a band that writes the music we relate to personally and want to write rather than latching onto a current, hollow trend

What are your favourite releases of 2014?

Jord-Comeback Kid-Die Knowing & Pay No Respect- Hope For the Hopeless

Rusty- The last ten seconds of life – The Box (single) & Grove street families – the San fierro ep & Expire – pretty low

Chris-Architects – lost forever/lost together * Unearth – watchers of the rule

Describe a Shots Fired live show in 3 words.

Energetic. Aggressive. Honest.

Lastly, what can expect from you guys in 2015?

We have some amazing plans for the year and can’t thank people enough for the opportunities we’ve been given. We really want to focus on how we can make our live performance bigger and more entertaining, as well as touring to support the release of the ‘Warpath’ EP.

Brad Biddlecombe

January 15, 2015

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