We Chat With Alt-Rockers Adelphia!

AltCorner and Adelphia had a little chat the other day about last year and what being in the band means for the 4 piece.

Adelphia have proved that their mature Alternative-Rock sound, mixing thick guitar riffs, melodic licks and punchy drums as well as smooth toned vocals collectively make the Adelphia sound something unique. AltCorner and Adelphia had a little chat the other day about last year and what being in the band means for the 4 piece. Read Below:

Hello Guys! How are you?

HEY! We’re feeling awesome thank you!

Adelphia…is a quite an interesting name at first glance…what’s the story behind your name?

When we started this band we didn’t want a name that didn’t make sense or something meaningless. Adelphia means ‘brotherhood’ in Greek, and we think this band is very much like a family so it just fit.

2014 seemed to be a year where pretty much everything went right for you guys. You played Download Festival and Hit The Deck…how was it?

Download Festival is something that is difficult to describe. It is something you dream about playing when you’re a child, i think we’re still in shock that we were given the opportunity. We were stoked to be part of both Download Festival and Hit The Deck Festival in 2014, it definitely made us step up our game.

We listened to ‘If I Fall’ here at AltCorner HQ and we loved it…a real You Me At Six vibe to it! Tell us about the new material?

A lot of people hear our influences and characteristics within our sound. It is common that we get compared to a band like You Me At Six, but this is a massive compliment.

What does being in Adelphia mean to you?

As our name resembles brotherhood, this is something we all have a passion for and love doing together. Watching this band grow is such a fun part of the experience, and right now i don’t think we can picture our lives without the music Adelphia create.

How do you compose your lyrics? – From personal experiences or just by picking a topic?

Alot of our lyrics come from personal experience, we feel its best to write on something you know, something you’ve been through. It helps us connect to the song and hopefully our audience can relate to it too.

Who are your main influences as a band?

We all like different types of music and are very open minded when it comes to music, but as a band we can agree that our main influences are – You Me At Six, Mallory Knox, Bring Me The Horizon, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Lower Than Atlantis, Twin Atlantic.

What are your goals for 2015?

We are aiming high this year, releasing a lot more music, numerous tours around the UK and many festival bookings! As cliche as this sounds, we want to make this a year for a Adelphia.

Brad Biddlecombe

January 29, 2015

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