Track by track: My Favourite Nemesis take us through album Eidolon

Finnish metallers My Favourite Nemesis released their latest album Eidolon earlier this year. Here they take us on a deep dive into the record in our latest track by track feature.

Hey, guys, it’s Janne and Sanna and we’re the vocalists for My Favourite Nemesis.

We’re gonna take you through each track of our new album, Eidolon, which is out now through Seek & Strike.


Janne: So the first track, Black, is the opening track for the album and it’s kind of different to the rest of the songs because it’s like this mid tempo mellow, mellow song. And that’s actually one of the reasons we chose it at the opening track, because it’s so different and it sets tone story wise for the album pretty good. Just basically about going through depression and rough times and rough patches in life and whatnot.

Sonna: The melody of the chorus is a lot lower than the other choruses of the album and it sets a different kind of mood to this song and it’s not too in your face. And I really like the combination of the screams and these lower, a bit more mellow, kind of clean vocals.


J: Second track, Breach, first single from the album and funnily enough, it’s actually the first song we wrote and finished for the album too, and that one really guided us through the whole process of making this record, and lyrically, too. When I wrote the lyrics for the song, I knew I had the direction I wanted to go with and it’s basically just about rediscovering yourself and that carries throughout the whole album, actually.

S: When I joined the band about a year ago and first heard this song, I instantly got the feeling that this was going to be a single and potentially hit song of this album. And the chorus is obviously very catchy and the music video is amazing. Kudos to Andre Rodriguez. Go watch it.


S: Revenant must be one of my favourite songs to sing. It’s just a really good song with a goofy chorus and great vibes and I think if we had released more singles from this album, this would have been one of them.

J: Yeah, definitely. When it comes to lyrics, it’s kind of this love song, kind of this love and hate song and it’s about letting go of love, but not letting go of a person per se, but like, letting go of the feeling of love. And I think it’s the first love song I’ve ever wrote, like, intentionally so. There you have it.

The Mask

J: Fourth track, The Mask, one of my personal favourites. It’s kind of an interesting one because it’s from an old demo Joel wrote back in like 2015 and we always tried to make that song work, but we just couldn’t pull it off. But this time around, we gave it another chance and we rewrote it a couple of times and we pulled it off and I think it’s actually one of the best songs we have ever made, so I’m proud of that one.

S: Yeah, I think The Mask has one of the best parts of this entire album and it’s the second chorus with the rugged screams and the choirs in the background and it’s simply amazing.

J: And when it comes to lyrics, it’s pretty much about just how everyone has this mask on and the only one who can really know you is yourself. And I think that’s pretty interesting, an interesting concept. And it deals with some mental health issues too.

Don’t Say Another Word

S: I love this song, every part of it complements the other. It’s so groovy. And the chorus, what can I say? With the disco beat and everything that’s going on in there, it’s very progressive and I just love it. And the bridge is amazing. It’s a bit more chilled out and I love the way the last chorus starts after the bridge part and I really love singing this song as well.

J: Yeah, good song and it’s basically about people who are always talking but they’re not really saying anything and a lot of times those people tend to be bring a lot of negativity in other people’s lives, nothing much to it.


J: The Nephilim are believed to be these fallen angels and that’s pretty much what the song is about and I’m very fascinated with ancient mythology and stuff and like to reflect that to my life. And what’s interesting about this song too is it was supposed to be on our previous album Riff, but we just didn’t have enough time to make that song complete so we had to come back to it and we actually rewrote it for this album too.

S: Nephilim has rocking cars with both cleans and screams going on at the same time, which I found pretty cool. And the song sounds somewhat perky in places, which is quite interesting as well. So, yeah, it’s a great song to play live.

J: Yeah, definitely.


S: I like this song because it has a great flow from the beginning to the end and the style is more old school than in the other songs of the album dynamically. It serves an important purpose on the album.

J: Yeah. And lyrically there’s really no mystery to this song. So it’s basically about the darkness in people and I was watching a lot of serial killer documentaries at the time and I guess I wanted to channel that kind of energy and a lot of songs just pretty much venting.


J: This song is mostly about depression and that darkness inside people, which we talked about on Ghosts too, but it goes a bit deeper and it’s kind of like how low can you go? And that depression really hits you. Kind of dark stuff in there.

S: I love the guitars in this song and the song structure, which is quite unusual. The first half of the song is very dark and strong, but then the mood completely changes and the rest of the song is actually quite hopeful. I really love it.

J: It’s very progressive actually.

S: Yeah.


J: Title track Eidolon. We chose this one as the title track because it really sums up the kind of storyline on the album about rediscovering yourself after going through some traumatic experiences. And an eidolon is this kind of shade or phantom from ancient Greek literature and I think that was like really fit the theme of the album and it’s an interesting track, it’s very experimental and there’s some 808 in there and very melodic chorus and stuff. It’s very different. I love it, definitely.

S: I think Eidolon has one of the best choruses of this album. It’s very powerful and I think we all agreed quite easily that this song was going to be a single and we shot a fantastic music video for this as well, which for me personally was a great experience because I got to do the acting. And huge thanks to Andre Rodriguez for this one as well.

J: And it’s the slowest one on the album, but it’s very dark and atmospheric.

Born Anew

S: I love Born Anew and especially its chorus, because it’s super intense and melancholic with so much feeling in it and I still get the chills when I listen to it. And this must be my favourite song to perform live.

J: We chose this one as the last track on the album because even though it’s the heaviest track, it has this kind of uplifting and positive message about it’s, like spiritual reawakening and rebirth. And it’s kind of conflicting because it’s like the heaviest song, but it really ends on a positive note. And I think that’s kind of the essence of the album at the end of the day.

Eidolon by My Favourite Nemesis is out now through Seek & Strike.

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