The Hu take on the 2023 Download Festival A-Z

Our A-Z challenge is a fun way to get to know the bands and artists around so as Download Festival 2023 approaches, we recreated it into a special festival edition to find out what this year’s line up thinks of the festival and festival life. Here Galaa from The Hu is the first to take on the challenge!

A Download (or other festival) set that sticks in your memory?

In 2019, we first performed in the Download festival and Slipknot performed most memorable setlist that day.

Best festival experience you’ve had?

The biggest and craziest experience I had was when we first performed at the Download. The mud on the ground didn’t phase anyone and energy was even crazier when we started performing. I love to think about that day of 2019 until this day.

Camping, tour bus or hotel?

I want to camp out with my boys in one of those days.( we will be on a tour bus)

Dream Download headliner?

Headliner is the best performer of the day, months and years. I want us to be one of them so for me, dream Download headliner is The Hu.

Extra-special thing you would do for your Download set if money/space was no concern?

If money or space was no concern, I want to bring hundreds if not thousands horses and let them gallop in circles. In the inner circle, The Hu will perform and that will be performance of a lifetime given how much energy horses give to us Mongolians.

Favourite song to perform at a festival?

Wolf Totem is the best song to perform because it makes indescribable connection to the crowd and us.

Guest you’d most like to feature on stage with you at Download?

Metallica all the way, we started our musical journey listening to them and as an artists, we performed one of their songs in our language and we respect them so much. If we perform one of their songs with them, we will definitely add our own signature pieces and I think that will be fantastic.

Happiest moment at Download or any other festival?

When the crowd starts chanting before our set gives me chills all the way, EVERY SINGLE TIME and festival crowds are the best at doing so.

I can’t wait to see this band play at Download this year?

I am personally big fan of Metallica so will be waiting for them to perform anxiously.

Joke that would go down well with a festival crowd?

If there is rain in the forecast like we did in 2019, make sure to wear white only.

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a festival?

Drove two days and nights to attend a festival in Lithuania, was fantastic!

One song by anyone else on the Download bill that you wish you wrote?

Never thought about this before but will think about it.

Pick your favourite thing about Download Festival?

Simply the best people come to the festival, crowd and the performers.

Quietly watch sets or straight in the pit?

Depends on the performer but mostly straight in the pit.

Ritual you do before a festival set?

All of us gather in circles and chant for 20-30 seconds and that lifts everyone and give energy for the entire night.

Visit the festival tattoo tent or no?

Visit the tent if time allows us to do so

You’re late for your download set, whose fault is it?

Probably Enkush because we have hard time locating him as he will sleep whenever he get a chance!

Zinger or plain burgers?

Plain burgers with lots of fries and ketchup.

Elizabeth Birt

May 18, 2023

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