The Coathangers take on the A-Z challenge

Our A-Z challenge is a fun way to get to know the upcoming talent across the world! Up next, we have Steph (aka Rusty Coathanger) from The Coathangers who are releasing their new record The Devil You Know on March 8!

A song that made you want to make music?

One Armed Scissor” by At the Drive In

Best rider you’ve had?

All of them! Anytime the rider is provided we are stoked! We really love it when people cook us personal home cooked food as well, really means a lot to us!

Craziest moment you’ve experienced in the band?

Every single one! More specifically getting to meet Joan Jett at one of our shows in NYC a few years ago!

Deepest lyric one of your songs features?

“It’s like I’m not in the room, who made a prince outta you, your silence has got me feeling down, down, down, dowwwwwn” (from Down, Down off of Nosebleed Weekend)

Easiest song you wrote?

Shut the Fuck Up off our self titled LP

Favourite song in your set?

Squeeki Tiki because I love to play the drums on it and watch the other girls go nuts, as the drummer, I’ve got the best seat in the house!

Guest you’d most like to feature on your record?

Ian Svenonius or Iggy Pop

Hardest thing about being in a band?

Trying to stay in touch with family and friends especially when we are over seas

Interesting fact about one of your members?

None of us were ever in any other bands prior to Coathangers

Jokes you have in the band?

Too many to name but when we’re on tour usually one inside joke sticks around the whole tour, one in particular was Gorilla Face but if I told you what it meant, I’d have to kill youuuuu ha! Jk

Key to writing a song?

Being open minded to your other band mates ideas

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show?

Australia and Japan! SO MANY PLANES!!! UGH!

Most inspiring musician you’ve experienced?

Dennis Lyxzén from Refused

New band you’d recommend?

Persepolis and Clipperton

Opening for this band would be ideal?

The Hives

Place you’d most like to tour?


Quote you’d like to pass on to our readers?

“If you don’t respect nothin else, you will respect this hustle” –T.I.

Reason for the title of your recent/forthcoming release?

The Devil You Know” is inspired by all the little devils that exist amongst all of us, whether it be yourself, an ex, a certain politician, social issues, even the Internet. Every song hits on some sort of Devil we know or have known in our past.

See us live at?

Everywhere! We are stoked to be playing at the Teragram Ballroom in LA this February

The old days of music were better than the current, do you agree?

Semi agree, I feel that it was a bit more raw back in the day and not so based on being famous

Unusual merchandise?

Coathangers condoms, stay safe kiddos!

Variations you’d like to do on any of your songs?

Nothin, proud of how they are now.

What do your fans mean to you?

Everything, without our fans, and even haters really, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love.

X-rays or any treatments needed for band related injuries?

All of our backs are destroyed so yeah also a few ankle injuries and chipped teeth

You’re late for a show, whose fault is it?


Zoo animal that best describes the personality of your band?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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February 21, 2019

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