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Gareth Rooke had the chance to sit down with Yeah Detroit at the end of their European Tour. A tour filled with thrills, spills and disaster…here is there chat!

Gareth Rooke had the chance to sit down with Yeah Detroit at the end of their European Tour. A tour filled with thrills, spills and disaster…here is there chat:

So guys how are you doing today? You doing alright?

Sean – Yeah fine man, absolutely.

DJ – We are doing very well, the tour has been amazing.

Sean – I would say amazing yeah. Was quite a rough one last night coming back from Doncaster to Glasgow but you know we are in good spirits.

DJ – looking forward to the show tonight, happy to be home and be in the position to smashing basically.

So the tour has been going well then. You excited to finish the tour off in Glasgow being so close to your home town of Edinburgh?

DJ – Yeah, Absolutely. Over the years Glasgow has been as much of a home to us as Edinburgh. We are originally from File, and the place that we are from is really small and we never really had a traditional home town show. We have had a lot of good times in Glasgow over the years.

Sean- Glasgow is a vibrant city, I would say one of the best music scene in the UK let alone Scotland. So to finish off here is pretty special, all our friends live here. I think it’s going to be a great night.

You have had some trouble on this tour especially with your van. You got stuck in France for two days. How did that effect you guys?

DJ – It was difficult, the van broke down in a small town and the close place we could get accommodation was forty five minutes away. So it was quite difficult being separated from all of our equipment. And being stuck in a hotel for a couple of days is not bad, but is really draining just waiting for stuff to happen and when no one seems wants to help you.

Sean – It was difficult but, what I would say about the whole experience is that it almost makes or brakes you as a band. You could go either way: You can panic, you can breakdown and have a really bad time. Or you can do what we did as a band, especially our manager Gary and DJ here and take control of the situation and nail it. Turn what was a negative experience into a positive one; we got a wee holiday in France and sang some songs. It could have been worse.

 To switch it to a Positive and away from that negative. What would you say the best thing about being on tour is?

Sean – It’s a difficult one. I wouldn’t say there is one best thing.

DJ – Everything, everything is the best thing. You get to meet new people every day. Meet some people you haven’t see in awhile. You get to meet people who are excited to meet you in the first place, some don’t know who you are but are more that happy to have a chat. You get to hang out with your friends all day, every day. And you get to play music, which is why anyone starts a band. Just to play music to people is amazing, so all of it is the best.

Sean – Being able to travel from country to county with your friends, see new places, spread the music you have created and have people respond positivity to that. It’s just an incredible feeling and an incredible experience. We haven’t even finish this tour and I can’t wait to get back out on the next tour.

How would you describe your band to those that haven’t see you before?

Sean – We kind of sound a little like Blink-182, we are fast but we are also melodic. We have lots of harmonies, there is lots of energy and yeah, I like to think we quite a impactful live show. We always try to keep it fun, keep it interesting.

DJ – As a live band what Sean says is spot on, we try to keep it fun. People have paid money to come and see us and we try to make sure they have a good time. We try to make everyone feel comfortable, that they relax and that they are part of the show.

Sean – yeah I would agree with that. Despite a lot of our songs having quite negative lyrics we all way try to keep it positive as we can and keep people happy.

You Recently released an Acoustic vision of ‘Woah!’ Which received a great response. Were you Guys expecting that?

DJ – We weren’t. Really interesting thing about that project was that we did really know what we were getting did we?

Sean – No not at all.

DJ – We made an agreement with a friend (Nick Scholey) who recorded and produced it. We just went in for a weekend to see what could happen.

Sean – We sort of just turned up and haven’t rehearsed anything, we had of course play Woah! like a million times, so we just turned up and winged it. It was about midway though the project we were like “Oh, wow this is sounding pretty good, people might actually like this.” But the end of it we were really chuffed. There was a really quick turn around, it was a week later after after we recorded it and release it. I was thrilled and over the moon with it. My mum was really proud of it.

DJ – My mums was also proud of it. In fact my mum likes everything we do. But my dad liked it and he is a bit harder to please.

Sean – My Dad is also pretty hard to please. But he really like it too.

So now we get onto the big questions. Which do you prefer. Crowd Surfing, Mosh pit, circle pip or wall of death?

DJ – Crowd surfing for me.

Sean – Yeah, crowd surfing. I am kind of small so I would get crushed in any of the latter three.

So would you prefer a tour with Rebecca Black around the world? Or a one show with the Foo Fighters and then call it a day?

Sean – Good question.

DJ – I’m leaning towards Rebecca Black.

Sean – I’m leaning towards Rebecca Black too. Well to be honest, with the Foo Fighters you would be over and done with in a split second. At least with Rebecca Black you could tour with your friends all day, everyday, which is what it is all about.

DJ – Especially Friday.

Sean – Yeah, especially Friday, my favourite day of the week.

And last but not least. Guitar Solo or Drum Solo?

DJ – I think we have wildly different answer here.

Sean – DJ started of as a guitarist and I am the rhythm section. So I will always fight fervently for the drum solo.

DJ – I will always try and insert guitar solo’s into our songs. But am always heavy rebuffed. So I don’t think as a band we can give you a definitive answer.

Sean – We can maybe fight to the death about it and take it from there.

DJ – Twenty minute drum and bass. Guitar jam

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today.

Sean – cheers man.

DJ – Thanks.

Gareth Rooke

September 10, 2015

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