Interview With SayWeCanFly

We caught up with Singer/Songwriter Braden Barrie aka ‘SayWeCanFly’ to speak about his new EP ‘Darling’, the origin of his lyrics and his dedicated approach to social media.

Hello SayWeCanFly it is an absolute pleasure to speak to you today, how are you?

I am well thank you! Just finished doing some laundry & currently sipping on some orange Gatorade while I type this. Trying not to spill on the keyboard.

Let’s start from the start…your name ‘SayWeCanFly’ – where did this come from?

Well, back in 2009 I decided I wanted to start a YouTube Channel to share my bedroom demos with the world. I laid on my bed for almost and entire day trying to think of a cool sounding name.. And SayWeCanFly popped into my head after a while. So initially I had no idea that would be come the name of my project, it was just meant for my YouTube Channel. But it kind of grew on me over the years.

The ‘Darling’ EP, is to be released in just two days, how excited are you for this?

Darling is definitely my favorite musical creation so far. I have so many visual ideas attached to the music, so I’m really excited to get this album cycle rolling & start pumping out my video ideas. That’s probably what I’m most excited about.

For someone unaware of SayWeCanFly, why would ‘Darling’ be a great place to start?

I think Darling sums up the music I’ve put out so far. Every track on the EP is different, and they all give the listener a little taste of the different branches of my sound. It’s also a nice little stepping stone into what I plan on doing next, and I think lyrically it’s definitely my most interesting. I think for the purpose of hearing what I’m all about as a musician, this EP captured it well.

Your lyrics come from such a personal place; often giving detailed accounts of personal experiences you have had, what led you to making music to voice these experiences?

When I started writing songs, it was because I had nobody to talk to. I was incredibly depressed & lonely, and writing songs always helped me face my demons & understand what I was feeling. So it was always nature to me to be completely honest with myself with writing.. And eventually I realized other people needed it too.

Do you find it therapeutic to share your problems via the medium of music?

I certainly do. For a while there was a looming fear about what others would think of me if they heard what I went through, but over the years that’s become my favorite part. I love forcing people to think about the terrible things we all experience as humans and dropping that walls for just a moment. I think it’s super important we remember how connected we are at the core.

You are extremely active on social media especially interacting with your fanbase, how pivotal do you think it is for a musician to do this in this day and age?

It’s everything. The Internet is a record label. You literally have the ability to gain new followers EVERY minute of every day. You can spend 8 hours a day on social media selling your songs & t shirts, or you can spend 8 hours a day working at a grocery store. I’ve done both, and I can certainly say you get out of it what you put into it.

You have a UK Tour in February, how excited are you to get over here?

I can’t wait. I love everything about the UK. Last time I toured there, I didn’t want to leave. I’m scared to death of flying over the ocean but hearing those adorable accents again makes it all worth it.

What one person/thing/object has had the most influence on you as a musician?

I think definitely the moon. I know that sounds crazy but the moon is the most beautiful part of nature to me, and I’ve spent countless nights sitting underneath it with my guitar. Something about it helps me write. I create most of my art at night time.

Now we always end our interviews with some random and/or funny questions so, you ready?!


1) Bring Me The Horizon or Linkin Park?

Certainly Bring Me. Nothing against Linkin Park, but come on.. It’s Oli Sykes.

2) Play to 5000 people who don’t move or singalong or play to 5 people who dance and sing every word?

I think I’d have to say play to 5000 people. Even if they stood completely still, I’d pretend the entire time that they were all screaming and probably tell everyone the version of the show that I made up in my head.

3) If a penguin walked up to you wearing a top hat, what would he say to you and why is he here?

He would probably tell me “Son, I’m home from the Great War.” And I would reply “Dad, I’ve missed you.”

4) If you HAD to change your genre, what genre would you go to?

I’d definitely head into Celtic Hardcore. It would give me an excuse to learn the fiddle & wear lots of plaid

Brad Biddlecombe

November 2, 2015

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