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The Gloucestershire 5 piece have a big year planned and we had a chat about what is to come for them and some of their dream collaborations.

Born out of past projects in the early stages of 2014, Future Talk create a blend of soaring vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals reminiscent of the likes of Emarosa, Hands Like Houses and Mallory Knox. The Gloucestershire 5 piece have a big year planned and we had a chat about what is to come for them and some of their dream collaborations.

Hello Guys! How was 2014 for you?

2014 was really cool for us! Considering it was our inaugural year, we achieved a lot of our collective goals in the few months since we came together as a band.

How did you guys form? and why Future Talk?

Each member has been in at least one previous band with at least one of the other members before so when it came to starting up a new project it was a fairly effiecient formation. Truthfully, we probably went through around 500 name ideas before we settled on Future Talk, as each cool one we agreed on was inevitably alreadly taken. Ultimately, we chose our name as an attempt to almost foreshadow our inteded longevity. We want to be around for a while & hope to be the ‘talk of the future’, without sounding too pretentious!

You released an EP in July, When is the next release?

Our July release wasn’t actually an EP, we recorded two singles that we put out a couple of weeks apart. We then did the same in December with two new tracks & have just lumped all of the songs together under the ‘Longwave Sessions’ title.

What can we expect from the upcoming EP?

We’ve just started working on our debut EP so it’s early days yet, but what we’re aiming for is a more defined take on the sound we’ve started off with. The lyrical content is going to be more poignant & thought provoking & the instrumentation side will be more explorative. As we’re still a new band, we’re still finding our indentity so we’re setting no boundaries for ourselves in terms of songwriting.

When writing songs, do they have one set theme or person you write about or is it different every time?

In the songs we’ve put out so far, it’s a bit of a mixture. Lesson Learnt and The Wanderer are about specific people & situations; (A)pathetic is more of a social critique and The Charming Rain is based on a dream that Jay had about burning down an abandoned without realising that there are people inside (extremely cheerful, right?).

What has been the best gig you’ve played so far?

We’ve only played a small handful of shows as of right now, but our best ones so far are Phoenix Festival in Cirencester, as we played to around 1500 people, & Winterfest in Cheltenham just because it was our first local show.

If you could have one person feature on a single, who would it be?

Each member has their own preference but a singer that we’re all collectively stoked on at the moment is Bradley Walden of Emarosa, so it’d be awesome to have him feature on a song! Another feature that would be absolutely insane would be having Hans Zimmer score a section of a song, as everything that man creates is incredible!

Check Out Their Single “The Charming Rain” Below:

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January 12, 2015

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