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Gareth here, I managed to catch up with guys from Faux at the Victoria Inn, Derby and asked them a few questions…

Gareth here, I managed to catch up with guys from Faux at the Victoria Inn, Derby and asked them a few questions…

So today is the last day of your mini tour how has the tour been for you guys so far?

James: Hilarious.

Luke: We have had a lot of laughs.

Lee: We have had fun. The shows have been good but, we have mostly been really drunk and had fun.

Recently your song ‘Swimmingly’ was played by Alex Baker on his Fresh Blood show on Kerrang! radio. How was that for you guys?

Luke, Daniel and Daly: Cool.

James: It’s a bit surreal.

Lee: He played it for eight weeks in a row.

James: Which was great.

Lee: We were well bored of it after four weeks!

Luke: We were like “Tune in to listen to our song!” Well, we know how it fucking goes. But no, he is a cool dude for playing it.

Lee: Yeah, he is a nice guy.

And to clear things up. How do you say your name?

Luke: Foe

James: Faux

Lee: Fox

Daly: Fooxx

Daniel: Fuck

All: Fox (With a posh accent)

James: It’s Levo-Fox

(This broke down into how to pronounce Leviosa or Leviosar)

James: It’s been a long weekend.

(GR: It is Faux spelled phonetically it is Foe).

Back to ‘Swimmingly’ what is that song written about?

Lee: Its about, you know a light bulb when it’s about to go and it starts to be intermittent.


Lee: Yeah.

(At this point the band all start laughing)

Lee: No, it’s about when stuff is going to shit, and you know it’s going to shit and you don’t want to do anything about it.

James: That is so us (indicating the band).

So, the last time I saw you guys play you were only a four piece. Now you are a five piece with Daly joining the band. How has this changed your sound?

Lee: It’s made it less tight.

Daniel: It’s a bit annoying as we need to find a new merch guy.

James: Basically we mug Daly off every day.

Lee: No, it’s made the guitars bigger. It has freed me up to sing bits without having to play technical stuff. I just play the chords.

James: It has added more texture.

Lee: It has added a layer. Think of an onion.

You recently went in to record your second EP. How are things going with that and is there anything you can tell me about it?

Lee: It’s called “Inhale“.

James: That is an exclusive.

Lee: No body knows that yet. It has five songs and that is all you can know for now.

Every Interview or review of you guys, seems to label you as a different type of band. What type of band would you say your are?

James: A sad band.

Luke: That’s us.

Daniel: A miserable band.

Lee: Sad indie music.

James: I like ‘Dirty Pop’. That is my favourite one out of all the labels we have had.

Lee: Sad Dirty Pop.

I was going to go with emo indie….

Lee: That’s sad dirty pop.

When writing a song, do your write the lyrics first or the melody?

Lee: Melody.

James: Definitely melody.

I like to end the interview with a few silly questions. Which of these do you guys prefer? Mosh pits, Circle pits, crowd surfing or a wall of death?

Lee: Wall of Death.

James: I definitely like Wall of Death.

Luke: I am a massive crowd surfer.

Daly: Circle pit.

Daniel: Circle pit.

And last but not least. Guitar solo or Drum solo?

Luke: Neither.

Daniel: Neither.

James: Both are terrible.

Daniel: The worse thing to ever happen.

Luke: Bass solo.

Daniel: Yeah, ska solo.

Luke: light solo.

James and Lee: Yeah Light solo (they both said it while laughing).

James: Light solo. That is the answer.

Luke: Fucking Han Solo.

James: Tambourine solo?

Daniel: Anything that is not self-indulgent. Anything that isn’t shit.

James: Apart from the Light solo.

Daniel: Apart from the Light solo, that has to be part of the set.

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February 17, 2016

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