Chatting To Brazilian Deathrashcore Band Endrah!

We caught up with Deathrashcore rockers Endrah from Brazil! Their hard hitting beats are nothing short of ferocious and we chatted to their lead singer Relentless…

Hello Endrah, how are you today?

Doing great thank you for this interview. This is Relentless, the vocalist of Endrah. It’s a nice day today!

Being quite possibly the first band we’ve spoken to from Brazil, tell us about the scene over there?

The scene for hardcore and metal is more underground than people may think, but there are many people who love Endrah and heavy music there. The bands are better than 10 years ago. The hardest part of the scene is the lack of professional promoters. Venues can be found, but it is always hard to find enough legit promoters.
It is rare to play monday-wednesdays also.

You released your latest album ‘THE CULLING’ a little while ago now. Firstly, what is it like looking back at that release?

We are proud of the Culling. I am proud of my lyrics and message. It seems like it has been a while now.
Endrah is recording now a new E.P. Due out in May.

Secondly, when does attention shift to working on new material or has it already?

Yes the material is almost ready. We shall release in May and we have just announced a headlining tour of Brazil.
Please check our Facebook Page for more info. We got 5 songs to release and it will be our first with new bassist Adriano.

How is it sounding compare to your last full length?

I think the sound quality is the best ever for Endrah.

You seem to have a loyal fan base in Brazil and are currently trying to branch out, where would you love to become well known?

USA where I am from. I live in California , the others live in Brazil. We would all like to be successful in europe, uk , south america, canada , central america, japan, australia, new zealand.

Have you ever or do you have any plans to play the UK?

We would love to come there. Just hasn’t happened yet.

You describe your sound as ‘Deathrashcore’, what influenced and drove you to combine these two genres?

Actually its Death, Thrash, Hardcore. 3 genres mixed together. It was totally natural for us to create this style together.
We all have a unique set of influences and some common ones.

Now, you live in California whilst the rest of the band reside in Brazil…how do you deal with this distance and has it caused any issues?

We Make it work. The internet is key for us to exist.
The issues are in travel , visas, flight costs, missing time away from home and we can’t easily do “local” or “one-offs.”

When writing your lyrics, do you write it from your personal experience or do you write about things from a more outside looking in perspective?

I think outside looking in more often than not, but there is a mix of points of view. The lyrics tend to be about revenge, social issues, political turmoil, and environmental concerns. Endrah is brutal and gives it hard.

What bands in Brazil should our readers check out alongside yourselves?

Check out our buddies Krisiun, Sepultura of course , Confronto, project 46, Voodoopriest, Worst, clastrofobia.

Lastly, lets end the interview with a bit of fun!

Slayer or Metallica?


Would you rather be in a Pop boyband or be a rapper?


Who is the best dressed in the band?


If Endrah was a car, what car would it be and why?

Is a tank a car? 1968 Dodge charger rt triple black Look it up. It’s me.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us! Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Please check out Endrah and spread the word. Our music is everywhere online. Like us, write us, request Endrah.
– Relentless
Endrah, vocals.


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April 29, 2016

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