Banshee on new music and more!

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Banshee’ are a Scottish four-piece who are taking the alt-rock music scene by storm. Following the release of their EP, ‘Bubble’ we asked the band about their new music, their influences, and more…

How did you all come up with the name ‘Banshee’?

We brainstormed a lot, banshee seemed like a good fit. More to the point sounding than our previous name ‘Life On Standby’.

Who would you say your main influences are?

Main influences just now is anything really that seems to be pushing the boundaries, like Enter Shikari, Nothing But Thieves, Marmozets, Yonaka. All class bands.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it in 3 words?

Electronic pop rock.

How are you feeling about the release of ‘Bubble‘? Its had a really positive reception so what does that mean to you?

It’s been awesome, we really feel that were back on our feet after changing the band name to Banshee. It’s been received seriously well.

What is your favourite song off the new EP and why?

That’s pretty hard but I would probably say ‘Bubble‘, I love how the drums and bass really come together I’m verses, I remember writing it in the studio with Liam and instantly getting a buzz.

Is there anyone you’d really like to work with on a future release / any dream collaborations you have in mind?

I’ve recently seem Josh McIntyre from Marmozets is turning his hand to producing, would be really interesting to demo with him and see what his ideas are.

Are you going to start working on new music soon?

Yes, we’ve already started. Its nothing major but there are a few ideas flying around just now that were excited to work with.

Is there a track you’re particularly excited to play live?

Frenemies‘ has been mega good to play live. It just flows really well.

So far, where has been your favourite place to play and why?

Our last show at King Tuts was up there. It gets better and better for us every time we play. It feels like your playing to thousands of people.

Which festival would you most like to play this summer?

Reading and Leeds is at the top of the bucket list for sure. Everything about that festival just seems immense.
Bubble‘ is available now!

Chandni Sembhi

April 26, 2019

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