A Chat With The Kut

We had the pleasure of talking to basement rock trio The Kut as we learned more about them and what their plans are for 2015.

We had the pleasure of talking to basement rock trio The Kut as we learned more about them and what their plans are for 2015.

Hello! Firstly, It’s a pleasure to be talking to you, The Kut! Tell us about yourselves?

Hey thanks for the interview. I guess you could say we are a grunge band, we loved that era of 90s music and it usually gets picked out in our influences, which is cool.

How did you come up with your name?

Hm, it actually comes from a street in London, but also my mum gave me a scissors necklace when I was about 14 and I liked that too. It’s like a mix of both of those things. Apparently it means vagina in Dutch and mince meat in Swedish, but they are just co-incidence. Slightly crazy but we just became a trademark ha.

What bands do you cite as influences to your sound?

We have so many, but usually it falls back to Deftones, L7, Nirvana, Hole, FNM, Offspring, Brody Dalle – some of our favourite acts really.

With your songs, how do you set about writing them? is there a main theme for the songs or is it ever-changing?

It’s usually a case of me going off and coming back with a batch of new ones, mostly inspired by just things that are happening I guess. Sometimes it’s frustration or negative and then channelling it out in a positive way. I guess you could say it’s cathartic in some respects. It’s great to take new tracks in and jam them out, the girls always add something great to the mix. It’s been great to write some material together for the last EP though, instead of just one set of songs you are basically doubling what you are writing.  It’s something we’d like to do more .

What are the aims for 2015?

We’ve got our new EP ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ coming out in April so that’s really exciting, with some singles and videos along the way. Some of the shows are going to be awesome too, we’re going to be opening the main stage at Glastonbudget so that’s probably going to be our biggest show so far. More of the same would be pretty awesome and to just keep on releasing more songs.. We accidentally went on hiatus pre 2014, so it’s just a case of never letting that happen again

What albums are you really enjoying currently?

Nothing More are a great new band, at least new in the UK. They are definitely worth checking out. The new Brody Dalle album is good too. Also really liking The Exits and Argonaut’s new material. They are on the same label so worth a listen x

The Kut’s Upcoming Shows:

Saturday 7th Feb: London Met Uni, AnimeCon

Saturday 14th Feb: Heart Shaped Bollox (Negative Creep Valentines Ball), London

Friday 22 – 24 May: Glastonbudget, Leicester

Saturday 23 – 24 May: Strummer Camp Festival, Manchester

Saturday 30 May: The Harvest, Luton

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January 7, 2015

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