We’re Wolves talk Linkin Park

Recently, We’re Wolves released a cover of Linkin Park’s One Step Closer and we loved it here at AltCorner. So we asked AJ to tell us the top 5 Linkin Park singles that inspired him most.

Here, AJ from We’re Wolves takes us through his favourite/most inspirational Linkin Park songs in honour of the band’s cover of One Step Closer.

1. Faint

When I first heard it was like nothing I had ever heard before. That perfect blend of sampling, hip-hop, and the raw aggressive tone of Chester’s voice came together into the perfect storm. The breakdown in this song is iconic and so hard-hitting.

2. Crawling

This was the first time I heard a song that had a great balance between aggression and vulnerability. To me this was more than just another ballad, it was a personal explosion that spoke to my heart. This song has so much power to it and just gets better with time.

3. In The End

When this song dropped it solidified Linkin Park as one of the most prolific bands of the time. Everyone I knew seemed to instantly connect to this song. It was everywhere and continues to find new audiences. To me this laid the groundwork for Linkin Park‘s evolution into the icons they’re today.

4. Given Up

This song just rules, plain and simple. Song has a chorus that instantly grabs you and won’t let go. Every vocalist I know at some point in time

Has tried to match the intensity and range of Chester just off this song alone, especially that iconic long-held breakdown scream.

5. Points of Authority

What can you really say about this one?  The contrast between Mike and Chester really takes shape on this track and shows you what Linkin Park is really all about. Hard-hitting, groove, and raw angst. Mike Shinoda really shines on this song, this was the perfect example of what Linkin Park brought to the table. Hybrid Theory, in general, is untouchable, but this track has always stood out to me.

BONUS: One Step Closer

This was really the introduction to Linkin Park for a lot of us. This song seemed to come out of nowhere and we had never heard a voice like that before. The video had stunning visuals and an instant connection with anyone who came into its path. We chose to cover this song because it just felt right for us. We don’t always tend to agree on the same kinds of songs, but when we do it’s always unanimous. This song to us represented our journey into the music we create today. All hail Linkin Park.

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September 21, 2022

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