Track by Track: Suffocate Faster – This is The Way Vol 2

Suffocate Faster have released the final installation of their two-part EP release, “This is The Way Vol 2” via Smartpunk Records. Today Chris Towning is joining us to share the stories behind every track.

Track by Track by Chris Towning, guitarist of Suffocate Faster

1. Time Flies

Musically this one took me a minute. Spent a lot of time chopping, changing, and polishing this one. It’s really incredible how some songs come together so easily and others just don’t sound right until you’ve really spent the time on it. Really do love how it turned out.

Lyrically Chris Alsip had this to say about it. “ Having been involved in the hardcore/punk/metal/DIY scene for nearly 30 years, you look back and say “what the f?” Time sure does fly by. There have been high points and low points along the way but I still haven’t thrown in the towel on this scene and my beliefs. Yeah, shit is hard but we will be gone one day from this physical life and we only get this one go at it. I’ll be involved in music one way or another till the casket drops….”

2) It Ends Now

Musically this one was much quicker than “Time Flies.” I came into the studio with the chorus riff and the rest came to me as I was tracking. Simple, straightforward, and different for Suffocate Faster. It’s different from all the other tracks we recorded but still fits in perfectly.

Lyrically Chris Alsip had this to say, “Hatefulness. Been there done that. Anger, rage, have also been there. I’ve progressed past those things or at least learned to control them much better. I’ll do my best to show there is more to life than so much negativity.

It bums me out to see others being so negative all the time. Their online posts are negative. Their Life is negative. It’s nonsense.”

3) Do What You Want (Bad Religion Cover)

This song was the perfect outside-the-box cover for Suffocate Faster. We’ve all grown up on punk/hardcore/metal and Bad Religion is one of those bands that has to be included in top punk bands of all time. One minute of awesome. Plus it’s a Suffocate Faster cover, we had to add a halftime breakdown at the end and cater the drums to a heavier sound.

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November 16, 2023

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