Save Ferris give us an insight into their tour playlist with these top tunes!

Boasty feat Idris Elba, Wiley, Steflon Don, Sean Paul, 2019

I like songs I can shake my booty to. This song gets me going, it motivates me. I hear it and I actually want to clean my house. I sing it in the car in LA rush hour traffic. It’s not easy twerking in the driver seat in traffic

Warm Leatherette Grace Jones cover of the Normal – 1980

A friend turned me on to this one. I’m a huge fan of the Normal’s 1978 version and play it a lot in my DJ sets. I always get props when I play this one.

Goat – Let it burn 2018

I’ve recently found this band and I’m obsessed with their stage costumes and performance, as well as the Black Sabbath guitars. They sound like one of the modern art performance bands from the 1970’s Laurel Canyon psychedelia scene.

Won’t give you up, Tom Tom club 2012

This is a chill little tune that puts me in a good mood. One of Tom Tom Club’s best, in my opinion. Additionally, any song with hand claps (even electronic ones) is a song for me.

Janitor- Suburban Lawns -1981

When I was a kid, I thought she was saying “oh my genitals”. Her vocals are so quirky and the lyrics are brilliant.

The slits –  typical girls – 1979

Who doesn’t love the Slits? The lyrics remind me of the sarcastic sentiment of NO DOUBT’s “Just A Girl”. I’d like to think they’re the words of women who were fed up with the status quo of women being subject to societal norms. 

Mind your own business – delta 5 1979

The funky beat of this song is so catchy, as is the hook. I love the lyric “Can I have a taste of your ice cream? Can I lick the crumbs from your table? Can I interfere in your crisis? No! Mind your own business”. No idea what they mean, but lyrics about food, particularly ice cream, are a big sell for me. 🙂

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October 23, 2019

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