TOUR PLAYLIST – Less Than Jake

Do you want to find out what your favourite bands listen to when they’re on tour? We do so we asked them for you! Here Less Than Jake give us some of their favourite songs to listen to while on the road!

SAVE FERRIS – The World Is New

SUCH a catchy horn line right off the top. This song gets people dancing immediately. Love hearing them play this.

GOLDFINGER – This Lonely Place

This was always my favorite Goldfinger song. I’m gonna try to pressure Feldy to play it all tour until he does haha!

DAMONE – Out Here All Night

This band should have gotten some more listens I think. This song is a great rock song and once you hear it you will be singing it all day. Promise.

GARY CLARK, Jr. – Gotta Get Into Something

Gary Clark, Jr. is so damn talented that he can slide in and out of different genres like most people change shirts. And always flawless! This song he channels his best Stuff Little Fingers and literally tears the roof off the place. Such a ripper!

CHEAP TRICK – Hello There

Is there a better first song that any band can play than this one? Go ahead. Try to think of one. I’ll wait….

DAVID BOWIE – The Jean Genie

I’ve been listening to ‘Aladdin Sane’ a lot lately. This song always makes me smile and sing along. Bowie is a god.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Birdhouse In Your Soul

This song is a perennial sing-along on our bus. Actually, the entire album ‘Flood’ gets pretty heavy rotation. Quirky, original songs. So so good.


One of the few bands on our ‘bucket list’ of influential bands to tour with. If they ever get back together we will certainly beg them to go on tour. I am a self proclaimed super-fan of this band and this song is one of my favorites.

THE DAMNED – Smash It Up!

I certainly love both parts of this song, but when part 2 kicks in, so do we. One of the best songs ever written, period. Always excited when someone plays this.


Listen to the song. You’ll get why it made the list.

Elizabeth Birt

September 30, 2019

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