Playlist – Sun Arcana gives us a look into their favourite songs right now!

Sun Arcana have given us an insight into what they’re listening to right now in this playlist of songs that they think will make your life better!

hope for the underrated youth –

Yungblud is one of the best artists out there, this song is by far my favourite and it injects a bit of my chemical romance and the chorus is huge.
Rockstar –
Yonaka are such a unique band again, infusing pop and rock in such a clever way. Theresa has an incredible voice and these are ones on the bucket list to support.
Will We Talk? – 
Is there much to say about Sam Fender? I think everyone already knows how talented this guy is. His new album needs to be in your life.
Don Broco are one of my favourite bands. Seen these guys a few times live and when they brought this song out I was blown away. The riffs and the melodies, what more can I say?!
God of War – 
Bring punk back! I love these guys at the moment. This track has a real Limp Bizkit vibe to it and its so cool. It has so much energy.
Beauty Sleep – 
We toured with these boys recently and they are absolutely killing it at the moment. Josh is an incredible frontman and these guys just keep getting better. This is definitely my favourite song of theirs.
Moth –
I think this is one of the most underrated tracks on White Flag. By far one of my favourite choruses on the record. It bangs live as well.
It Gets Better – 
I love the new direction COUNTERFEIT. are going in. The lyrics in this track are great.
Tempted – 
These guys are ones to watch. This is a great track and their sound is very polished pop-rock. I love it and the chorus of this track is great.
California – 
These guys are just a pop dream. They are like a mixture of The 1975 and Laney. Can’t stop listening to their new album, but this song really hits home.
Ludens – 
BMTH are just breaking down genre barriers left right and centre. I mean, when I heard the bridge for the first time i was speechless. Amazing song.

Elizabeth Birt

November 22, 2019

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