Lionheart’s favourite upcoming artists!

We asked Lionheart to big up some local, upcoming bands that they’re really digging right now!


Easily my favorite band coming out of the west coast right now. I’ve known a lot of them for a long time when they used to have a band called Frostbite (which was also great) but Desmadre is on a whole new level. Check out “Sin of man” and “Me vs. Everybody“. One of the hardest bands out right now.


Death Western just dropped and I’ve been listening to this nonstop. Stu has always been a musical genius and what he did with Folsom was incredible but Spiritworld is a different ballgame. The imagery is next level and the songs are perfect.

These Streets

Been a huge fan of These Streets for a long time now and this is a band that is criminally underrated. They’ve been putting out hitter after hitter for years now but their new shit is wild. Cam has one of the coolest and most dynamic voices in HC no doubt.


How can this list NOT include scowl?! They’re absolutely killing it and I’m mad and jealous that they got to tour with Limp Bizkit. We ended up playing a few shows with them in Europe last summer and they’re a great crew.

Dying Wish

Just got off tour with them and they fucking smashed it every night. Their album, “Fragments of a bitter memory”, is out now so go stream it and run it up!

Law of Power

They just dropped their new EP, “Born into War”, and it’s absolutely insane. I was a huge fan of the EP they released last year with “We are the hounds” on it but “Born into War” is a notch above that even. They dropped a great video for it as well so look that shit up.


We just got done playing a few shows with them and E-Town and Momentum crushed it. The self-titled album they dropped last year is dumbass hard. “Forget 2 die” is my go-to but the entire album slaps. Been around for a minute but they’ve been killing it lately for sure. Don’t sleep on this.


Easily one of the heaviest bands out right now. Thrash, death, violence, hardcore, punk – they’ve found a way to masterfully combine everything into one insane sound. OC on top. Go listen to Scalp. Better yet go SEE scalp cause they are awesome live.

Maya Over Eyes

SJ’s finest. one of Northern california’s best. Again, been around for a minute but they get better at every turn. Can’t say enough good things about this band so go listen go stream and run it up for them

Elizabeth Birt

January 31, 2023

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