Introducing: dubé – The Canadian Three-Piece Proving That Rock n’ Roll Is Alive and Kicking! | Feature

dubé are a straight to the point rock outfit from Canada who are striving to not only prove that rock n roll never died but that it is alive and kicking.

The three-piece execute heavy hitting rock laced anthems that wear their influences on their sleeve. Fresh off the release of their demo EP ‘Sesh’ and over 500,000 plays on Spotify, the outspoken punks are definitely a band that deserve all of your attention going into the new year.

Check out ‘Who Do You Work For’ here:

The band tirelessly work on the band and see it more than just an outing but more as a way of life. This much is evident in the lyrical content of their releases and their DIY meets do-or-die attitude to their art. The band is also a favourite of ours to follow on social media due to their open and honest outlook and insight given into their band life, opinions of the ‘scene’ and their unwillingness to hide anything from their public profiles is testament to their true to themselves attitude which is both refreshing and admirable in an age where everything is watered down and censored.

A favourite opinion that we wholeheartedly share with Dube is the following on the state of ‘punk’ and 2018’s idealistic butchering of the once, free from stereotypes, genre; “punk isn’t about having coloured hair, wearing leather & spikes. punk is about not giving a fuck. if you feel the need to look a certain way to show people you don’t give a fuck, guess what? you give a fuck. we encourage you to go beyond the looks and be a real punk!” We here at AltCorner love Dube and they are a band we will be watching closely in 2019 and so should you!

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Brad Biddlecombe

December 7, 2018

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