HOT TAKES: Getting To Know Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? is female fronted power trio from Los Angeles: Punk, Rock, Alternative from the 90s. Meet Tarah G. Carpenter (Vocals,guitar), Joey Southern (Bass) and female drummer Coralie Hervé.
“…If Motorhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette!”

Check out their answers to the Hot Takes feature below:

Q1: Who is in your band?

CH : My name is Coralie and I’m the drummer of Tarah Who?
JS : Joey Southern, Bass and backing vocals.
TGC: I am Tarah, Lead singer and guitar player. We are Tarah Who?, a very energetic power trio from Los Angeles.

Q2: What is your take on your own sound?

CH : Our sound is a mix between different genres like rock, punk and grunge but at the same time is unique. We have a heavy, raw sound too.
JS: Its a touch of this and that, reminding you of the grunge years and the countless sub genres stretching to and beyond rock. Most importantly it is a breath of fresh air, original and meaningful. Every note played with a specific purpose and intention from dynamically soft to chaotically hard and that is evident in Tarah’s guitar strumming. I have had fingers bleed as well over time, however Tarah’s fingers continue to bleed from constantly thrashing. Tarah drives Coralie and I to play harder and louder than ever before. We play hard, we play loud and we play with purpose!!!
TGC: We have our own sound, 90’s grunge, punk, rock influenced. We care more about the authenticity and the message of our songs rather than trying to sound someone or fit in a genre. Our upcoming music video for ‘Hurt’ is a big challenge. It is the slowest Tarah Who? song ever released. It is not how our live shows are, we are very energetic, loud, in your face type of band. ‘Hurt’ is about a disappointing relationship. We decided to release this song because of the challenge and to get closer to our fans.

Q3: If you someone was listening to your music for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to and why?

CH : It’s a difficult one because we have really different songs.
For example if someone is not really into heavy music at first, I’ll advice them to listen to “Hurt”, our newest single, or “Unbalanced”.
Tarah wrote some more country music in the earliest Tarah Who? songs, and for the ones who like heavy songs, I’ll say “Numb Killer” and “Ache”.
JS : I would play “Cough Drop”. It hits hard and takes you on a journey exposing our range of dynamics.
TGC: I agree with Coralie. It is always a tough one when people ask me to play one of our songs. I usually have to ask them what they like to listen to first, so that I can pick the right one!
Also our songs, are more appreciated live with the show I have noticed. Once they have seen us play live, they are hooked and can listen to the songs online.
I guess, ‘Rainy Day’ is a more rock alternative song.. not too angry, not too slow..

Q4: What is the plan for 2019?

CH : We are working on the setlist for our Tour in France and UK in September. We will record some new music too !!! It’s really exciting !!!
JS : New tunes!!! New gear!!!
TGC: 2019 is pretty busy. We are preparing our European tour mostly, but we have a few exciting events coming up soon. We will be playing at Girls Rock Santa Barbara for the summer camp, and teach a little bit about the music industry. We are playing with Fea on July 19th at the Redwood Bar in DTLA, then the European tour, (France, UK, Belgium) when we come back we are going on tour in the South, which will be a lot of fun and driving 🙂

Q5: What is the one song you wish you wrote?

JS : Schism – Tool
TGC: I don’t have one. The songs that I write are very personal. I write how I feel.

Q6: What three bands inspired or continue to inspire you the most?

CH : Nightwish for sure !!!! It’s been more than 10 years and it continues.
JS : 311 inspired me in my youth. Tool took that inspiration to a new level in my 20’s and continues to this day. Recently I have been exploring music I may have missed before like the Ramones. I knew all their songs but never knew it was them. Silly me.
TGC: The Rolling Stones, for their longevity. The Distillers, I just love their sound and songs, pumps me up! Motörhead, because I love Lemmy and his charisma.

Q7: Where can our readers see you live or listen to your music?

JS : Come see us in Los Angeles at the Redwood Bar, July 19th!!!
TGC: Yes! and Ojai 7/4 and 7/24 for the Girls Rock Santa Barbara Summer camp events. You can listen to our music on spotify, itunes etc. Google Tarah Who? and pick your favorite streamer.

Q8: If your band was an animal, what would it be and why?

CH : I’ll say a Lioness (sorry Joey hahahahaha ), fierce on stage !!!
JS : Hahaha!!! I would say an octopus because we have many hats and adapt well to each environment.
TGC: I love it Coco!!! Smart Joey! I like it…
Damn! uhm… Buffalo: Endurance to overcome ( being independent!!), great emotional courage!

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July 15, 2019

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