HOT TAKES: Getting to know Poisonous Birds

Welcome to the feature; Hot Takes! We chat to a band or artist that we have unearthed as some what of a hidden gem and allow them the chance to introduce themselves to you, the reader.

Q1 – Who is in your band?

I’m Tom, I’m the singer and I guess producer / creative director. I play mostly samplers and synthesisers and the computer. Finn plays the drum kit and also sometimes electronic instruments. Jack plays electric guitar.

Q2 – What is your take on your own sound?

I’ve been stuck on this question for ages. I grew up in bands, but in my mid 20s became interested in the broad palette provided by electronics and computers and, more broadly, electronic music and club culture. Poisonous Birds is I suppose my response to those interests, but I still love being part of a live band.


Q3 – If someone was listening to your music for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to and why?

Mood Stabiliser. It’s the perfect fusion of big hooky songwriting with a club-leaning aesthetic.

Q4 – What is the plan for 2020?



Q5 – What is the one song you wish you wrote

Hey Ma’ by Bon Iver. It’s perfect.


Q6 – What three bands inspired or continue to inspire you the most?

It changes every day. Radiohead have got to be in there. I came to them really late, only when ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ came out but they’re magical and incredible. Today I’m also listening to Daniel Avery’s new ‘Love + Light’ record, and also some forthcoming music from my friends in SCALPING. My friends inspire me more than anyone.


Q7 – Where can our readers see you live or listen to your music?

Our music is everywhere. The latest record is called ‘We Can Never Not Be All Of Us’ and it’s the best thing we’ve released. I hope that in 2021 people can see us at gigs, but also perhaps in more club-environments – I’m working on a late-night show.


Q8 – If your band was an animal, what would it be and why?

A jellyfish. Amorphous, sometimes glowing, sometimes invisible. Beautiful, but dangerous.

Elizabeth Birt

September 1, 2020

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