HOT TAKES: Getting to know MRCH

Welcome to the feature; Hot Takes! We chat to a band or artist that we have unearthed as some what of a hidden gem and allow them the chance to introduce themselves to you, the reader.

Q1 – who is in your band?

Vox/guitar/keys – Mickey Pangburn-

Drums – Jesse Pangburn

(Touring) bassist – Billy Rose

Q2 – What is your take on your own sound?

It’s Alt pop with hints of melancholy.

Q3 – If someone was listening to your music for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to and why?

That’s tough. Usually it’s just the last thing we’ve been working on, cause it’s what we’re excited about at the moment. So today, we’d say Easiest to Bend. 

Q4 – What is the plan for 2023?

Finish a full length album and play it live a bunch. Keep finding ways to enjoy the day to day process.

Q5 – What is one song you wish you wrote?


Q6 – What three bands or artists inspire you the most?

Garbage (m) – the way they incorporate angst and poppy hooks, have real longevity in their careers and a specific point of view.

Phantogram (j) – gateway into electronic production.

Metric – full band with electronic elements, and again they’re still touring killer shows/ releasing new music 20 yrs on.

Q7 – Where can our readers see you live or listen to your music?

Sept 27th we’ll be live-streaming the vinyl listening party for our upcoming EP ‘TV Bliss’. Nov 4 we’re playing a release show in Phoenix AZ. We’ll be posting those, plus all live dates online.

Insta :



Q8 – What zoo animal represents the personality of your band?

A bulldog bat. Cause we get told “we’re a small band with a big sound” a lot. Plus, we mostly wear black, like the dark, and hanging upside down.

Elizabeth Birt

September 8, 2023

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