Hot Takes: Getting to know Future Palace

Welcome to the feature; Hot Takes! We chat to a band or artist that we have unearthed as some what of a hidden gem and allow them the chance to introduce themselves to you, the reader.

Q1 – Who is in your band?

In the band is Maria on the vocals, Manuel on guitar and Johannes on drums.

Q2 – What is your take on your own sound?

Manuel: The core of our sound definitely stems from our passion for post-hardcore, alternative rock and electronic music. In general, we are very open to influences coming from all kinds of musical fields though. This can be certain artists like Being as an Ocean, Paramore or Mike Oldfield, or a fascination for ethno drums which can be heard on our latest single Lately. Moreover, for most of our songs we worked to together with Christoph Wieczorek from Sawdust Recordings and Annisokay, who brings his own style and musical taste to the table. We chose to work with him mostly because we like the sound of his productions. In the end it is the mixture of all these ingredients that creates the attributes of our tracks.

Q3 – If someone was listening to your music for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to and why?

Maria: It is quite hard to decide which track to choose as we feel like they are our kids; and choosing one is quite hard. We’d recommend listening to our song ‘Twisted’, as it summarises all of our releases. Whereas one single like ‘Ghost Chapter’ might be more energetic and metal, or more rock with experimental drum parts like ‘Lately’, or even cinematic rock like ‘Break Free’, ‘Twisted’ combines those edges in one song. So you should give that a try and next up should probably be ‘Maybe’.

Q4 – What is the plan for 2020?

Johannes: We are currently promoting the release of our debut album ‘Escape’, which came out 18th September 2020. Other than that, we’re getting ready for our release tour in Germany in January and February 2021 as well as Annisokay‘s EU 2021 tour in March, April, and May where we’ll play as a support act.

Q5 – What is the one song you wish you wrote?

Manuel: For me it’s ‘Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga – I’m a huge fan of that one.

Maria: Probably ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars. First of all because of nostalgic reasons, and that song is an all-time banger. It helped me through a few dark times of mine.

Q6 – What three bands inspired or continue to inspire you the most?

Manuel: It’s definitely Bring Me the Horizon, Pvris and Mike Oldfield. While the first ones are highly influential for all of us, mainly because they seem to reinvent themselves with every release, Mike Oldfield is the foundation on which my musical understanding and feeling builds upon. If I need inspiration I can always come back to his music and it sparks so much creativity.

Q7 – Where can our readers see you live or listen to your music?

Johannes: Our music can be found on most streaming platforms Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. We have also got quite a few music videos out which you can find on YouTube.

You can see us live on tour in Germany in early 2021 and on tour with Annisokay in March, April, and May 2021. I’ll just list the dates:

Our tour:

28.01.2021 Nürnberg / Club Stereo

29.01.2021 Frankfurt / Nachtleben

30.01.2021 München / Backstage Club

04.02.2021 Hannover / Lux

05.02.2021 Köln / Stereo Wonderland

06.02.2021 Berlin / Badehaus

18.02.2021 Bremen / Tower

19.02.2021 Hamburg / Logo

27.02.2021 Leipzig / Naumanns

Support for Annisokay on their EU Tour 2021:

12.12.2020 Leipzig

13.03.2021 Göttingen

22.04.2021 Prague

23.04.2021 Cham

24.04.2021 Vienna

28.04.2021 Zurich

29.04.2021 Wiesbaden

30.04.2021 München

01.05.2021 Schweinfurt

05.05.2021 Hannover

06.05.2021 Hamburg

07.05.2021 Essen

08.05.2021 Osnabrück

14.05.2021 Jena

26.05.2021 Stuttgart

27.05.2021 Nurnberg

28.05.2021 Berlin

29.05.2021 Cologne


Q8 – If your band was an animal, what would it be and why?

Maria: We’d be a red panda. Mostly because we love them. But also if cats are pop and dogs are metal and you can’t decide between them, red pandas are right in between. That’s basically what we are musically. So it fits.

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October 27, 2020

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