Hot Takes: Getting to know Ebonivory

Welcome to the feature; Hot Takes! We chat to a band or artist that we have unearthed as some what of a hidden gem and allow them the chance to introduce themselves to you, the reader.

Q1 – Who is in your band?

Charlie is our front man and maestro, Dave is on the drums, Louis and I (Jake) play guitar, and Connor plays bass!

Q2 – What is your take on your own sound?

A lot of progressive metal for sure, but there’s a lot of wiggle room under that label and we use it as much as we can. We like to make music that is varied: juxtaposition creates power, in the sensitive and sensitivity in a powerful sound.

Q3 – If someone was listening to your music for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to and why?

Probably ‘Patting the Black Dog’, it’s a pretty straightforward track to the average listener, and there’s some catchy moments throughout, but for the keen ear there’s some pretty cool polyrhythms happening, and some adventurous chord choices.

Q4 – What is the plan for 2020?

Well the plan was: release The Long Dream I, then go on a 26-show tour of North America with Caligula’s Horse and Moon Tooth, a headline tour of Australia, and then see where the wind takes us. Now the plan is: Release The Long Dream I, start working on The Long Dream 2, be thankful we’re all healthy and safe. There’s some plans in the pipeline for some shows in Australia later this year, but nothing concrete yet.

Q5 – What is the one song you wish you wrote?

Devin TownsendJuular. I’ve been listening to Devy a lot lately after his home concerts, and I just get blown away with how much this song does with so little. There’s practically only three parts, but it gets brought to life by really smart instrumentation and use of dynamics.

Q6 – What three bands inspired or continue to inspire you the most?

Caligula’s Horse, they are all class acts as people, humble, supportive, and friendly, also their new album goes super hard.

Between the Buried and Me, I love to see an act after all these years that is still clearly having fun in the music, and the compositions reflect that.

Local bands! I know this is a bit of a cop out but I genuinely get inspired by all the bands I see online who are still hustling for every single show, still self-promoting, still working hard on their craft. I like that attitude that they never want to rest on their laurels.

Q7 – Where can our readers see you live or listen to your music?

No idea when you can see us live at this point, but our music is on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Music, all of the normal places, or you can pick up CD’s, Vinyl, and Merch from the Wild Thing Records store online,

Q8 – If your band was an animal, what would it be and why?

On tour if we’re driving and we see a cat we will pull over and try to be friends with it. To date it’s never worked, most cats are terrified when a car pulls up and five grown men pour out of it trying to get its attention, but we have big dreams of rescuing a stray on tour and it becoming our friend forever.

So definitely cat.

Elizabeth Birt

June 19, 2020

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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