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Welcome to The Best Songs By Julien Baker. In this featured article we take a look at Julien Baker’s best selection of tracks hand-picked by ourselves for your enjoyment.

Julien Baker is a twenty three year old singer songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. Baker has enjoyed a widely successful career since her inception to the public eye back in 2014 with two albums under her belt and being a member of bands; Forrister and boygenius.

Baker’s unique take on songwriting presents a cathartic take on folk music that are built upon a raw and direct commentary on real life issues, problems and dilemmas. Coupled with Baker’s angelic vocals and exquisite musicianship, the songs can take on various guises from being heartbreakingly beautiful to uplifitingly positive. Often acoustically driven, the tracks can act as a crutch or reason to get through some of the harder times of your life or, you can purely admire the talent on show across the the entire discography of this gem of an artist.


‘Sprained Ankle’

‘Sour Breath’

‘Brittle Bones’

‘Turn Out The Lights’


Brad Biddlecombe

December 7, 2018

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