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Ritual King – Elixir

The dynamic trio Ritual King are a three piece blues/ stoner rock band from Manchester. After putting their blood, sweat and tears into shows and intense writing where they put all their passion and work into creating a EP of tasteful blues riffs and funky rhythms. From this the EP Elixir was created. Originally the […]

The Skelfs take on the A to Z challenge

Scottish rock duo The Skelfs have recently released the music video for their single Social Smoker and are currently working on new music. From their most crazy experiences to what animal they would be, check out how they get on with our a – z challenge down below. A SONG WHICH MADE YOU WANT TO […]

Deathspells Interview

With the release of Death Spells' first ever full length album 'Nothing Above, Nothing Below' and their first ever tour commencing at the time of this interview. I had a chance to have a talk to the dyamic duo, James and Frank on their first day of tour in Glasgow.

Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me

Throughout this record you realise with Grace writing songs about relationships that the singer is more comfortable in her own skin and is less subjected to the old expectation of what herself and the band supposedly have to be. With these hard hitting tracks and up beat rhythms, this album is going to be a huge hit live at their gigs and also great in the charts. Overall this album has to be one of Against Me!'s greatest albums to date even through it isn't as big as 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' but it is worthy of being a strong entry in Against Me's discography.

Carcer City – Infinite// Unknown

Overall this album is one pretty amazing album and I loved listening to every single second of this album. You can tell the hard work and effort the guys in Carcer City have put into this album and have pulled off one of their best albums to date making for one brilliant comeback. After struggling to make a name for themselves previously, this hard hitting record is going to make them heard and soon people will know of the Liverpool giants Carcer City as they take on the world.

Of Mice And Men – Cold World

The huge problem with Cold World is that basically most of the songs off this album are heavily influenced by other bands which makes some of the songs lack originality and are soul-less. That great style that Of Mice And Men have worked so hard to preserve and have become known for is not present. Many genres and influences have been thrown into the melting pot but overall there is varying success.

A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations

Overall this album is pretty fantastic and the band outdid themselves on this record. After listening to this you can hear the blood , sweat and tears and all the time and determination, the boys in A Day To Remember put into this album and in my opinion it is one of their best albums they have released yet and a great comeback for ADTR.

Talking Charts, Retrograde and Touring With Crown The Empire!

Rising rock band Crown The Empire are a band who until recently, were on the cusp of major mainstream breakout success. Brand new album, Retrograde, has gone a long way to ensure the band reach their potential as the Rise Records' issued album has topped both Rock and Hard Rock charts. As the band came to the end of their summer on Warped Tour, Emily Holden spoke with them about everything Retrograde...


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