2000 Trees Festival GENRE ARCHIVES

The Front Bottoms – 2000 Trees Interview

I sat down with Brian Sella of The Front Bottoms at 2000 Trees to talk about playing festivals, supporting Blink 182 and a new album. You’ve only just arrived but what are your first impressions of the festival? We kinda just stepped off the bus and saw the woods and the stages and stuff. But […]

Kamikaze Girls – 2000 Trees Interview

I sat down with both members of two piece band Kamikaze Girls at 2000 Trees this year. We spoke about how good 2000 Trees is as well as touring the US and their brilliant album Seafoam. The duo consist of vocalist/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone (L) and drummer Conor Dawson (C). How you finding Trees 2017 so […]

Beach Slang – 2000 Trees Interview

I had a chat with James Alex, the vocalist from Philly punk band Beach Slang, ahead of his 2000 Trees headline set on The Axiom stage later that evening. We chatted about UK festivals, Riot Fest and the benefits of a tumultuous couple of years for Beach Slang You haven’t had too much time at […]

Bad Sign – 2000 Trees Interview

I caught up with Bad Sign ahead of their set at 2000 Trees. We discussed their new album, touring and the current British music scene. Interviewed were Joe (Vocals/Bass) and Kev (Drums). What’s it like to be at Trees? Kev: I’m not even just saying this but I think Trees is the best festival, in […]

2000 Trees 2017 – Saturday Review

As the final day of 2000 Trees 2017 began people trundled, hungover from their tents to enjoy the last of the great bands on offer. The Winter Passing It’s always hard opening the last day of a festival. As people relaxed and recovered from their hangovers in the Axiom tent. The Winter Passing did a […]

2000 Trees 2017 – Friday Review

As the sun continued to shine on Friday, 2000 Trees truly kicks off as the main stage opens and the full 10,000 capacity of the festival is reached. Ducking Punches The singer-songwriter tinged punk rock artist opened the main stage at this years 2000 Trees, with a brilliant energetic and emotional performance. With clever stage […]

2000 Trees 2017 – Thursday Review

2000 Trees offers the best in new and upcoming bands as well as showcasing some brilliant new established acts higher up the bill. Below is the review of the Thursday at 2000 trees where only half of the four stages are open, but that definitely doesn’t mean half the show. Grumble Bee The first band […]

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